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Gene's Coffeetalks addressing current events of these times.  Issues are discussed through constructive criticism of news perceptions offered through public media and or campaign rhetoric.  In some cases it reflects inequities within our rights and failures of government to follow its own regulations.  Some tongue in cheek remarks are humorous and pointed giving pause for consideration.  In all, this collection of wit, humor, and provocation reflecting history at time of publication expanding into this 2nd decade of the 21st millennium.   Gene writes from his heart and even addresses embarrassments and accomplishments throughout his multiple careers.
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2012 Rap up of observations, nuances, and thoughts that matter


Our Electoral College didn’t care, so I’ll forget it, too!

One last minute thought about this election.


How’d we get into this mess?

Who are the electors who make this election worth voting for?

Dabait fiction can’t recover losses, Intel, deficit or lies."

Why it’d be intelligent to draft our next President!


Really sad to see negative politics destroy self-images of two neophytes

A lot has changed since 9-11 with much distortion

Everything said during Conventions is lost to memory for four weeks


Where’s direction to achieve Balance-cut da crap!

Truth be known could determine outcome!

Decision Time approaching

Best 1,363 words you’ll read in this election season 2012


It’s time to take the beach ball out of the sandbox, that guy stole it; broke it.

Perhaps we need another original Fourth of July


Potential concerns that need to be factored  


Should candidates buy the White House or voters choose the occupant?


Decisions need to made to prevent DUMs distruction of our Republic


Super Tuesday comes and goes  without a winner and much ado about Phoney Economics


Quit complaining about jobs going overseas

We the people can prevail through course correction to flat tax

Planning is more than preparing a speech – 20 yrs planning not 20 minute bumps  

Voters seem to have a preference and nobody fits media description?


Holier than thou M$M obsessed with Candidates private issues

Government  appreciation for private sector development is questionable.

Candidate selling power seems to lack focus on projections illustrates lack of knowledge of voters' preference


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December 31, 2012

2012 Rap up of observations, nuances, and thoughts that matter

Amazing that on this last day of year 2012 we face a scary threat from our elected members of congress (both houses). Their actions don’t even equate to today’s 2 year olds who can read, express thoughts and listen to parents. Some even are courteous to others and actually behave better than those who experience life after k-2.

Yes Congress and our elected adults are supposed to lead; but most who never experienced basic training have no clue of what responsibility is for a leader. And, it starts at the top.

There is also an affinity to plan beyond a free lunch, a free seat at a public event, or setting examples of how to accomplish a plan with a team that can intuitively forecast events that may interfere with success of that plan.

Six weeks in basic training, boot camp, or attending a military academy now better rated than our public sector, unionized education that fails after our kids graduate into the number grades from pre-school and kindergarten.

So, with that entry, let’s consider our Congressional elected officials who cannot put two thoughts together to get a vote in favor of the private sector cash cow without stealing our taxes paid in good faith to protect our business, whether small or large, incorporated benefitting team management, creating profits that manifest jobs and products for free markets around the world.

Aw s---! That was the goal after WW II. Now, a day, it’s "how to get a piece of it"  without contributing sweat or intellect as long as it doesn’t require "sweat-equity" or compassion. It’s even worse when third parties want to manage success without contributing, but instead stealing work ethics in favor of mob terrorism to rape (reap) financial gain by denying profits to those who imagined an idea with market potential while introducing machines (utensils) to create tools (brains and invention beyond rubbing sticks together for warmth and cooking).

U C that kind a dates me back to when parents, neighbors, friends, and relatives helped each other as did our cub/girl scout troops and YMCA’s taught us to survive in water, groups, and on buses after they replaced walking to school with book bags weather permitting or not.

We walked more than a mile twice a day and had playground activities that energized us before lunch-generally packed at home or for a quarter in the schools attempt at a lunch room. Ah! Ya! Those were the days Howdy Dowdy starred on TV until the McCarthy hearings bored us for several weeks or months. But we kicked the can – a real can – down the street (no sidewalks) and played baseball in the street (cars were rare) Marco Polo was not hiding around in our pool.

Same games today! Participants older, and nothing goes unnoticed, with much embarrassment in little plastic voice boxes, as social etiquette deteriorates before your first job interview.

Us, old farts, remember when you as a person controlled your reputation. Today, "social" media destroys your reputation before you even enter society beyond your neighborhood.

I guess WW II had an impact on our focus. Success and teamwork was not only a goal, but a way of life to accomplishment and become an entrepreneur owning a company or developing a team to incorporate into a business. Henry Ford style after manufacturing returned to build motor cars and trucks.

Old Bessie didn’t mind, but that old cranky ford sometimes did. Oh yah, we could crank them back then to start without determining where you left the key – KEY? Some years later after they put a top on the buggy, someone invented a little fan for the dash board. It just blew the heat out the window.

So, getting back to this past year or decade; grownups need to, and kids must learn to react before thinking themselves to death. Awful lot of help for the latter, remarks that old fart in the neighborhood.

Thinking about this year, there was more incompetence expressed by leaders around the world than after Vietnam. Some actually thought they were leaders during that unforgettable threat to our pre-boomers, and so we tried to make it palatable to our boomers. That was until our politicos decided to undermine our first responders and home land defense Reserve Components.

Guess, when they graduated law school and couldn’t find jobs, they turned to elections for an opportunity to sh.. in congress. Some never graduated from that originally desired job to manage our Republic’s affairs. As our economics gained value, those who had no imagination to grow it, became leaches and stole our tax base dollars and learned using dumb terms like a growth economy sounded better than inflation, so they deflated value. All of a sudden, government contracting replaced corporate responsibility as President Eisenhower warned about that "government program" military industrial complex that turned corporate profits away from free markets and into leaches of our tax dollars supported by public sector employees. Before the ‘70’s, it was prudent to have only 10-15% of profits from government contracts. This year we saw multiples of that to where "Union shops" in industry and public employment was more like 200% government spending. Hell, I thought we made progress in the ‘80’s when, we at Army Material Command found we could replace that $750 hammer; with off-the-shelf products at Radio Shack, Home Depot, Lowes, or ACO Hardware for less than $10.

I know, I digressed a bit, but I lived through the Russian changes in the 1990’s; when I agreed to head up a failing computer applications conference, "SofTool USSR ’90". Now, in it’s 23rd year, this next October in Moscow. That first experience in the Soviet Union and my prediction after 20 minutes on the ground driving from Sheremetivo Airport learned that "Novesti 1" was waiting at the Cosmos Hotel for an interview with me: First question after arriving was: "What do think about Soviet Union?"

My answer was: "I’ve been in country about twenty minutes and predict that because of this conference, there will be big changes within five to ten years because of the information exchange through new software development."

And, there was. If you didn’t visit the link, you should.

Not more than 11 months and five days later, I returned to Moscow and they replaced the Flags December 25, 1991. By 1996, their Rubles, in 1990 value was $6=1RU; 1997 was 50,000RU=$1; but in 1998, it was revalued at 50RU=$1, and has held between 35RU=$1, until more recently 30RU=$1 fluctuating between 35&27RU=$1.

Note: that all Ruble currency notes were replaced to extinguish inflated currency with devalued notes to assure fraudulent notes could  no longer be traded thus cutting off counterfeits in their common use or markets around the world. Now, Rubles are strong against our worthless dollars in most foreign markets.

Other than two inept campaigns targeting damaging messages around the world, our year has been driven by DUMz Harry Reid to block growth, and Nancy Pelosi attempting to destroy families and businesses for lobby dough, the RepublICANs took a chance with seasoned campaign rhetoric that had no chance to resonate for all its interference from overseas impact on that incumbent who was missing in action most of his first term in office. I hate bus trips.

That’s why I had two airplanes in order to enhance our military Reserve Components to build a 2nd Responder Force that could control disaster forces, natural or man-made, as homeland defense teams located in all 50 states.

Well, Congress had wet dreams about our strength in reserve and it’s less costly operations, until they decided in mid-1990 to activate them in "Answering the call".

We escaladed and now we’re down-sizing that force but we forgot who that force was: Private citizens who volunteered to serve; one weekend per month and two weeks every year of annual training. It was only 5% cost to activate them. Plus, if they cycled less than 180 days, they accrued no retirement benefits eliminating pensions, medical care and of course their families, homes, and businesses professions or jobs.

Yah! Butt, they were doctors, nurses, small business owners, CEOs, and employees of major, major corporations manufacturing "made in America" products (one of my campaigns since 1973 and enhanced in the ‘80s through the Army’s Materiel Command and Army Security Assistance Command)

So now we have many disabled and demoralized because of their honorable sacrifice being dismissed as no longer needed. Get serious! We were strong without a fight for most of the 80’s because of strategies developed under a commander in chief who knew how to accept leadership positions to deter war and it worked without a shot fired – "Star Wars". We riled no one and saved millions of lives through peace.

So, killing an adversary for heroics erupts, awakens the middle-east into conflict. Focus may be fuzzy. Leadership was naive. A void was filled. And it excuses budget busting for undisclosed rationales.

It ends and is explained as "approaching or falling over a cliff" of mythical proportions without neither confirmation nor support by those we elected to manage our tax dollars according to our Constitution for a balanced budget.

Now, they call for us to bail them out as they continue to bank our wealth as their wealth overseas in France, and several Caribbean islands, oh! in Deutsch marks, maybe?

Our dollar should be valued at $1 = 100 cents not 1 grain of gold dust: Really?

Whose dementia is that? In 2001; AUS$1=$.50US; today =AUS is $.94US.

And focus is distorted to oil once again by 2016 as mid-east depletes its stores.

Enjoy the New Year! Perhaps, comic relief, sorros sorry for that!


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November 13, 2012

Our Electoral College didn’t care, so I’ll forget it, too!

Ignoring reality and real world problems now become important not only because all rhetorical orators have taken 2012 out of context by ignoring all those issues dummied down for theater and deception.

Folks the makeup is removed; many promises were made, and yet, there is time to visit boyhood communities just south of the Equator.

In fact he said this: America is “not just made up of Red states and Blue States”. And, on a day to honor our Veterans, he leaves, as every day, to go somewhere nobody can nail down any future, but ignores discussions about a Fiscal cliff including the fissure dividing our departments; Administration, Congress and Justice.  

Yes, all those with seats in congress now have until January 1st  2013 before they need to adjust their take of Tax Base contributions as well as lobby fees or contributions to pay back campaign deficits without returning one penny, nickel, or dime to those who paid members salaries, taxes, benefits in addition to banking in American.

Vat a Dill!

Next, is when all those leaders in foreign lands realize four years dispensing gibberish is just, that. 

Perhaps, the Timor Sea and Indian Ocean are more inviting than the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico and North Atlantic Ocean.

Been there, done that, and have always returned to our Nation of 50 or is it 57 states?  Who are the other Seven?

It will be interesting to see our Republic address a completely undefined set of challenges above the rest of the World’s perception of what they quietly discuss without American ears.

This, as our private sector is refurbishing within their states recoveries to address management of our natural resources while reducing emissions and lowering consumption costs to our private sector.  You gotta take into consideration that costs go up through public sector abuse of tax payer contributions mandated by Congress and collected through an IRS that has no clue of how much is required to manage these United States; but why does private sector have to give not only their portion in greater amounts to cover those who sit in government offices pretending it’s their money to do as they wish without accountability?

That double shyster trick separating public sector taxes inflates IRS take and corrupts real accountings of these United States’ assets which are also distributed through the elected: “Honorable” to their home states as ear marks or three quarters of their deficit they cannot pay for/ nor will even acknowledge.

Look we elected those care takers; and they do that quite well-take. But; it was to protect our private sector tax base to allow it to create our free market economy for profits through production and sales to our global alliances that contribute to our collective security (co-production with co-defense).

That makes sense! Where did it go wrong? "Greed, for lack of a better word, is good." Gordon Gekko 1987.

I believe recycling surpluses would keep government focused on receipts and deficits rather than party, party, party in exotic resorts within or outside our Republic’s borders.

Now, there’s talk of annexing those unknown territories for statehood benefits.  I guess that would make destinations for party, party, party.

Look, I been to several and, Yes, they are valuable property especially as commodities must transit through the Panama Canal and China Gulf or through the Red Sea with its Suez Canal and the deadlocked Persian Gulf with its entry through the Gulf of Oman.

Our style has caught on around the World as a working Republic/democracy, now being challenged because within four years, we have seriously alienated those who once respected us as we felt compelled to solve their territorial issues through my favorite legal strategy “Third Party Interference with Plaintiff’s Due Process Rights to What is Due.”  SCOTUS brief 07-19789, May 07, 2008.

Just remember: we didn’t elect those members to abuse our Republic; and just this morning, MSM blames us for not making the right choices last week.

However, they also blatantly stated that between 30 and 60 percent of the polls counted demonstrated fraudulent ballots were allowed in swing states demonstrated greatest abuse of the system through non-qualified, unidentified legal voters – as AG Eric Holter announced he would not remain in office.  Wasn’t he the guy who fought for all those possible illegal transactions neither taking accountability nor allowing states to register or issue state voter IDs to assure that bulk neglect would not manifest in last week’s elections?

Our Electoral College didn’t care, so I’ll ignore it, too!   

But, yawl will have to sacrifice !

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November 1, 2012

One last minute thought about this election.

Pundants and election commissioners are predicting this to be the most corrupt vote count as well worst experience in our Republic’s history. It doesn’t surprise me ‘cause Democratic Red states have been practicing since Bubba was handed the win in 1993.

I refer to him casually because of all his baggage before and during his first term followed by his second. He’s definitely a piece of work. On top or bottom of training interns he has organized several disaster programs earning him 90% of proceeds while relief organizations get 10%.

And we certainly have raised a lot of funds for Malaysia, Haiti, and hopefully some for Hurricane Sandy, my first wife and son’s mom. Long story with much intrigue and much government involvement in determining time spent with my family.

So, my message on this November First is vote and demand through your local media to investigate election results to the fullest. Numbers will be predetermined. If it’s close it will indicate faulty numbers. Really, listen to your local news reporters on their polling predictions from voter’s interviews. That will indicate actual preference of voters.

However, those early votes and absentee ballots will be stored in boxes and machines that will be purged before that election period of 3-days to file for recounts expires.

Hell, maybe we should just hire a UNION to count the votes. They know how to bury the documents.

Look in 2001, John Kerry went to bed believing his party had the votes, but M$M included 36% more DUMz in their skew, thus in AM; "W" was elected. Paper ballots in Ohio in 2001. Four Years later, Gore learned how Chad couldn’t win ‘cause they didn’t have enough of them holes punched in the cards due to design failure and figuring he didn’t need all the county votes verified.

It is up to our voters to challenge their media reports and lack of backup or validation of voter turn-out in addition to individual receipts given each voter of their participation in this historic election. Or, how about using Red inked finger tips for Dem, Blue for Rep, and Green for Ind. Individuals won’t be identified, but will not be available to vote more than once or not at all.

We’ve got five days to awake our politicians to the new rules of honesty, forthrightness and what this Republican do as established by "WeThePeople".

It’s your choice to vote. If not, you pay the deficit because someone will vote for you.

Not to ignore, your voted representative is spending your money on investments in select shares while banking overseas and skimming select industries through regulations to raise prices on your necessities.

It’s your choice, your money, your vote. Protect it .


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October 30, 2012

How’d we get into this mess?

Someone had a dream and we got sucked in by all that hype ‘cause we didn’t prepare their constituents enough to believe in themselves to make their own decisions as suggested by our founding fathers in our Constitution.

They broke away from tyranny and even warned us to not succumb to any alterations of our documented goal and scope of power. That was George Washington’s guidance.

WELL HERE WE ARE TODAY ONLY A WEEK AWAY OF DETERMINING OUR FUTURE AS A NATION amongst some 200 nations who are troubled with the same dogma that we are. Where do we go from here?

Well, it’s pretty clear where we’re at and it ain’t where I see my future after years and years of supporting our National goals and position within this small global community that has deteriorated within not even a lifetime unless you were taken early by some mistake.

Us pre and boomers really thought we had made it to the finish line with profits, success, and health. Now, we’re learning that all that pharmaceutical stuff is killing us, our bank accounts are being diluted, and our natural resources are off-limits as is food, energy and water unless purchased from a huge conglomerate.

What happened Ollie?

Did we not get smart to enjoy life as we grew older, or did we not leave our offspring in good hands. My God, they have graduation ceremonies from pre-school to 1st grade and each year thereafter. Why? Guess no kid will be rewarded for being a leader, and that has happened as boomers learned to make life better until some thought they couldn’t keep up with success for not trying.

Well, next Tuesday is election day and if you haven’t already voted you better if you don’t want what M$M and foreigners determining your future as our money goes south. Jobs may never return to our households as we keep getting the bill for all those you elected over the past three decades.

They, by the way, have our money invested and banked in foreign lands through percentages of profits created in the private sector taxed and regulated by public sector along with kickbacks from lobbyists and favorite sons.

Doesn’t it seem strange that who you elected took your money from your employer and didn’t even use your tax money to support you while they held agency parties and groupie conventions in exotic places around the world?

I guess if you’re born in vacation land, it’s your right to return and offer all your appointees to live like they earned it!

Make you vote count and let your electoral presence know that Private Sector paid the bills and public sector didn’t. It is their deficit and they need to make good or vote them out. That may be difficult because the Establishment cannot count votes, just $000,000,000s before the decimal point.

Suggestion: pay with dollars when shopping; keep the change: the metal value is worth more than the dollar @009 cents value.

You need to elect a leader not a follower or hyped up wannabe. It your vote, it’s your choice, and it’s your deficit; OR IS IT?

See you in January! If not, earlier.

IMPORTANT: Write in  your Vote for GENE ZARWELL 4 PRESIDENT  for these Reasons.

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October 23, 2012

Who are the electors who make this election worth voting for?

For better than 14 months now, we’ve been inundated with several one’s dreams or perception of what they think they want from their elected officials. I have participated since 1989 to learn that most elected incumbents have only their own interests in their plans. How rude my youngest nephew declares.

As I have always advocated there is a plan that can turn around our free markets to create our greatest invention ever thought of on this planet. Free Enterprise as identified by our 16th President when he stated these simple words appearing in my previous blog. Abraham Lincoln put it all into perspective then and I will enhance what is necessary to make it work.


"The world is agreed that labor is the source from which human wants are mainly supplied. ~ They hold that labor is prior to, and independent of, capital; that, in fact, capital is the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed – that labor can exist without capital, but that capital could never have existed without labor. Hence they hold that labor is the superior – greatly the superior – of capital." (Illinois Congressman, Abraham Lincoln,  speaking at the Wisconsin Agricultural Society Saturday, September 30, 1859)


Yes, it is up to our safety net to make sure nonsense is replaced with honesty and forthright thinking to make our Republic sound and honest as we strive "To be all we can be as citizens of these United States".

What we are learning throughout these debates which are more confusing than what our MSM is selling has nothing to do with governance of this consortium of 50 states or as someone thinks, 57 states, all attempting to be more than they should be in controlling your thoughts, lifestyle or even your wealth if it remains from a few leftovers regulated by your chosen elected Representatives.

Yes, we have a choice…how much choice is your guess over mine. For 56 years, I had a dream that I could someday make a difference to prevent hearings like those of McCarthy, and later, Clarence Tomas as I witnessed his hearings on a return flight from St Petersburg, Russia. That last one told me my life and reputation are much more important than listening to all that phony hype destroying an individual for another’s perceived gain.

Well, that flight told me to never challenge an insecure person with any controversy what-so-ever because others may perceive their ideas over-whelm anyone else’s thought, belief or right.

Martin Luther King was a true human being. His life was spent to make a difference and he did at great sacrifice to better our Nation. That same dimension with our political environment has being turned around, toppled and skewed in so many ways; it baffles our national way to sovereignty in a global fog that has developed for more than 40 years.

Teach history again to find out why your kids don’t think like my kids. I am a Pre-baby boomer; my kid’s a Baby boomer, and we did not produce any "X" – "Y"- or "Z"s that I know of.

So, here’s the deal:

On Election Day, the voters in each State chose Electors by casting votes for the presidential candidate of their choice. The Electors’ names may or may not appear on the ballot below the name of the candidates running for President, depending upon the procedure in each State. The winning candidate in each State—except in Nebraska and Maine, which have proportional distribution of the Electors—is awarded all of the State’s Electors. In Nebraska and Maine, the state winner receives two Electors and the winner of each congressional district receives one Elector. This system permits the Electors from Nebraska and Maine to be awarded to more than one candidate.

Are there restrictions on who the Electors can vote for?

There is NO Constitutional provision or Federal law that requires Electors to vote according to the results of the popular vote in their States. Some States, however, require Electors to cast their votes according to the popular vote. These pledges fall into two categories—Electors bound by State law and those bound by pledges to political parties.

The U.S. Supreme Court has held that the Constitution does not require that Electors be completely free to act as they choose and therefore, political parties may extract pledges from electors to vote for the parties’ nominees. Some State laws provide that so-called "faithless Electors"; may be subject to fines or may be disqualified for casting an invalid vote and be replaced by a substitute elector. The Supreme Court has not specifically ruled on the question of whether pledges and penalties for failure to vote as pledged may be enforced under the Constitution. No Elector has ever been prosecuted for failing to vote as pledged.

Let’s encourage them to exercise that right  to get it right  this time even when we’re told that incompetence will make a difference over the next four years if we let DUMz and M$M sell us something they never will deliver-like accuracy and facts rather than wet dreams and promises they tell us will change if given a chance to rape our bank accounts and trust them one-more time.

Did I mention that my son at four days old shook hands with Rev. King on my Milwaukee door step in 1967?  Oh, I did a couple of months ago.

Now my goal is not to reiterate all that "STUFF" we’ve heard over and over again. Look in 1963; we almost had a riot on our University of Wisconsin campuses in Madison and Milwaukee because the governor wanted to raise tuition from $25 per year to $78. It was and today a lesser education costs in the $40,000 to $150,000 range and you don’t even need to attend classes if your rich uncle commits to paying for a new Dorm wing or Research lab.

So, give your electoral college members your point of view and assure them that any vote they cast will not result in their demise, but it may create a free market economy where you and yours can make a living and dowry for future marriages or retirement like us pre & boomers did before the DUMz destroyed our American Culture created by immigrants from Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East.

Just a reminder so, you don’t have to read the missile following this one:

"Towards the preservation of your is requisite...that you resist with care the spirit of innovation upon its principles, however, specious the pretexts.  One method of assault maybe to effect, in the forms of the Constitution, alterations which will impair the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown." (ibid., 35:225. GW 1776


For your benefit and to enlighten you please visit this website:

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October 16, 2012

Dabait fiction can’t recover losses, Intel, deficit or lies.

Interesting "feenom" in Presidential debates; it only takes one; ‘cause less knowledgeable answers for both, or at least tries too, with very little fact and much recalled fiction from thinking out loud.

It kinda reminds me of earlier years when best ideas dribbled down - ouch! that’s not as bad as answers "O" gives when someone questions challenger and needs to be redirected from fact to fiction.

Some of the toughest debates are in dreams or the shower. Never able to remember later what was said. "It was a questionable video" but 14 Days later it was a "terrorist attack on 9-11 Anniversary". How quickly we forget details when not favorable?

Now, M$M as well as professional bloggers with their own gab-shows are getting anxious over state voting fraud. Ok it’s been there as long as our Republic but, we can do sumptin by following the guidelines published in an earlier CoffeeTalks discussing the Greenwich mean time (GMT) and release of information through third party alliances rather than corrupt state election commission fraud and when polls close four hours after Hawaii and Alaska elections are completed.

Aside from all that; these debates are theatre in a very amateur venue and distorted by some moderators who have their own agenda as well as M$M issues to sell more poli-mercials than real product.

I remember when moms caught us swearing, or as grandma caught us changing fact to avoid a whack or wash cloth in our mouth. How did that ritual of growing up disappear? Scruples changed, parents got too busy trying to earn money so they could save their yungins from having to work too hard as we developed into this microcosm of cell numbers (not those on prison uniforms) including a new language saving vowels for "Wheel of Fortune" buys.

It was a shame that three times we have had to listen to one lie, tit for tat, for another lie and no realistic resolve in leadership thinking. Most of the debate was implied discussion of Constitutional Government v. Pipe dreams distorted toward socialism; or as Congress beliefs , "an impingement upon their right to wealth building" through graft, corruption, private accounts in foreign lands, and bribes to deny workers their earnings created through profits from "Made In America" products with co-production in allied nations together in co-defense against unknown aggression including interference from 3rd Party public Unions sucking up control of public servants while collecting operating capital through private sector taxes created from corporate and small business profits that provide opportunity to grow "OUR Free Market Economy" .

In other words, we need direction as outlined in our Constitution with all that which was declared in our "Bill of Rights". That is constantly challenged by those who believe they are someone special and owed their wealth not even earned through loyalty or service to those who elected them. Hence, they are the highest of high Percentionals or tyrannical pirates of individual freedoms.

Be aware that election results are not final until declared three weeks after Election Day. Vote early and often so that our Electoral College can get enough ammunition to rule in favor of real change, vision, and public sector reform to serve rather than take – Hey! It ain’t Robin Hood’s yob man, to move money from public thieves to our productive class. That’s what a free market economy does by human nature and hard work when real leaders have experience, insight and tenacity to lead under difficult situations and duress.

"The power under the Constitution will always be in the people. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can, and undoubtedly will, be recalled." (The writings of George Washington, by John C. Fitzpatrick, GPO, 1931-44. Vol. 29:311.)

"Towards the preservation of your is requisite...that you resist with care the spirit of innovation upon its principles, however, specious the pretexts. One method of assault maybe to effect, in the forms of the Constitution, alterations which will impair the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown." (ibid., 35:225. National Center for Constitutional Studies)

It is time to execute that power by recalling our 535 servants in Congress for not fulfilling their current responsibilities and neglecting their duties to strengthen "these great pillars of human happiness".(GW 1797)

Gentlemen and ladies play golf with honesty and control to keep errors minimal. FORE!

Yes, this is one more reason to consider or attempt to elect Gene Zarwell to lead our Republic's recovery in an election that suits his experience and character to lead through example by coaching others to take actions in favor of "We The People". He is the Republi (that) CAN!

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October 11, 2012

Why it’d be intelligent to draft our next President!

Number one reason is to take the greed out of election campaigns.  Yes, M$M and many perps for proprietary consideration distort our democratic principles demeaning our REPUBLIC’s Charter as demonstrated through both our Fore fathers Declaration of Independence and our charter as written within The Constitution of the United States . 

We have the checks and balances in place to right corruption in elections, but we have no checks to balance in our treasury, plus, our congresses with its two houses seek tax payer funds for personal investments in accounts worldwide. 

It’s a dammed shame they cannot balance a checkbook with just stating “Present” as many do and some excel in moving tax funds collected from private sector, or those known as developers of our “free market economy” that create our National funds for a balanced budget.  

However, those funds are delegated to congressional piqued industries regulated by penalizing profits that destroy our common goals in a world where free trade through co-production and co-defense has held our global alliances together in peace and somewhat harmony.  That was until oil became such a chess game for drilling and refining.

Who ever thought in 1941, that a gallon of gas would be as valuable as gold and silver at 12¢ per gallon?  My God, it’s nearly $5 per gallon and rising cause our dollar is printed without regard to any standard and our adversaries as well as our friends are printing barter tickets to shred our value to virtually nothing except what is in our natural reserves and no more “free” global trade.

Having endured low wages earned in my family and after graduating from a Big Ten University in Wisconsin, I earned more than my dad who worked for the government and my professor who earned a PhD at Syracuse.

My point is that 45 years later, after earning $20 per month at age 14 as co-captain of a 16-route morning newspaper delivery team to $14,000 after graduation then combined in a multi-career pattern simultaneously as commercial pilot, Army Reservist, Corporate executive, broadcaster, and International business developer in 27 nations, my annual earnings far exceeded what was anticipated and denied by our government through embarrassing greed of government agency bureaucrats who couldn’t conceive an idea nor could they comprehend how to recycle their September slush funds to make our government more efficient and balance the budget.

They’re still there and slowly each is seeking a way out to save what they misallocated through ear-marks (little metal clamps on a pigs ear) also known as bribes through legislation for campaign funds networked within regulated industries or financial fraud favoring investments in foreign markets and island banks away from all four shores of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

This is what our President misunderstands and is fighting to keep as his “advisors” mentor him to join Rod Blagojevich and Madoff on their coaching.

Yes, “it’s a wonderful day in the Neighborhood”, remarked Mr. Rogers each morning as my son grew up. Perhaps November 22th will be, too!


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September 21, 2012

Really sad to see negative politics destroy self-images of two neophytes.

Nasty politics has evolved from our first Presidential election through 44 elections and other than several duals to determine outcomes, they have been moderately contained. 

In my first campaign in 1989, I attempted to be positive, and Maryland media poke fun and disparaged my reputation in favor of Babb’s who seemed to be a favorite until 17 years later I learned she never really won those seats.

Well, that made me feel better over my efforts to contribute to our Republic by at least putting my name on 7 ballots including some general elections.  In fact, my opposition in the primaries won because Queen Milkuski and prince in-waiting Sauerbranes had swept through each election with virtual vote counts.

Yes, state election commissions have a problem with numbers which also explains why Governors have a problem with balanced budgets. There are limitations to budgeting with only ten digits and unlimited zeros.

By God, Bernanke uses sixteen zeros, one digit, five commas, and one decimal point ($200,000,000,000,000.00) to report the United States deficit, and nobody seems to care except our unborn patriots will get the bill.

I learned a lot about campaigns from three well respected gurus.  Ron Wichard media consultant /producer in Maryland, Lee Atwater , strategist in Washington, Sal Guzzetta, seasoned campaign manager and Virginia author of Political Campaign Management Software in 1988 who died before my second run in 1992; plus Bob Teeter who I supported during his campaign management for H.W. [note: Bob also provided research for my successful Reserve components Marketing in the '70s to Army Reserve and 50 State National Guard Adjutant Generals].

Lee was magical with his negative advertising that always produced a win.

Unfortunately, our political system has many copy Kats that abused that campaign communication format.  George Stephanopoulos mocked that success for Bubba, but it should be noted that H.W. wasn’t really beaten; Barbara and George decided their family was more important than add-on 4-years in the Whitehouse. But they regrouped with “W”.

The rest we’re experiencing now; will have to correct our nations path to restoration of being admired instead of targeted, as our current policy is headed.

I have always had an optimistic approach to life even when government screws around with my livelihood and earnings, but politicians seem to look into their futures more than ours. That is disturbing. And our futures have turned profits into deficits and debt, so your assignment is to find a politician to represent you instead of taking from you. We bought them in a yard sale held every two-four years depending upon how high or low they claimed to serve in an office they conned you for.

See, I don’t quite get it, that they think they’re somewhat more important than you, private sector tax payers!

Current administration doesn’t respect its subjects those peons that work for them, but they will p_ _on through 3rd parties.  For that matter, state governments that fail; will too. 

Important is your vote to restructure your state government through votes.

There is absolutely no rationale for federal funds going to states for less than complete nationwide restructuring due to continental devastation, that which seems eminent under the current political strategy and tactics being played by an assumed leader of the free world now in the back of a bus going nowhere.

There is no “free world” any more.

Don’t be surprised if your vote won’t count in November. M$M and DUMz are planning that to happen. 

Each demographic is being targeted for support and many influencers are telling them to discard voting to save the Republic from corrupt vote counts and bogus approval of local issues that deflate community worth.

Let me discuss our health care industry that was corrupted big time in the mid-90’s when private practice medical professionals received unlimited regulations to purchase unnecessary high technology emergency life-saving devices used in major hospitals as well as buying mal-practice insurance and to prescribe government approved medications manufactured overseas. 

These cost our private practices not affiliated with local hospitals overhead that put most of them out-of-business.  Why?  ‘Cause cost of providing their professional services could not create enough revenue for financing those devices nor could they afford those extremely high cost malpractice insurance policies plus distribute pharmaceuticals back then, unless it was samples delivered by healthcare lobbyists.

About that time Healthcare Management Operations, HMOs, began network managing of small private practices to work with insurance claims and schedules. 

Here’s how that worked: Insurance companies would receive bills from HMOs and then send payment from a patient’s insurance provider to the HMO who in many cases paid private medical professionals and hospital invoices. But, in truth patients would receive letters from local courts to pay the expenses and the amount owed to the medical professional because HMO’s neglected to pay their providers - pre OBAMACARE.

Many, many seniors in their 90’s, (1990s) and early millennium lost their homes, businesses, and, in many cases, lost their retirement savings and investments due to HMO fraud.

I personally met with several software developers to help them define projects to manage that overflowing abuse of senior finances and medical HMO fraud upon Social Security, Medicare, and later Medicaid.

As I am writing this, I am in fraud prevention negotiations with United Concordia regarding some ingenious fraud by some of their affiliates over a “Free Dental Cleaning” that was billed at $192 because their providers couldn’t retrieve plan information until a dentist performed the service, then required payment before they would disclose billed procedure that was not requested nor discussed prior.

However, without finding the plan information before treatment, they had their invoice prepared reflecting an in-depth procedure not requested per referring provider through military Tricare FHC plan.

Good news is that members of congress and all those insiders in public sector executive levels and below have squirreled away enough profits from their pharmaceutical investments / lobbyist payments that it may cover their deficit.

Where we need to concentrate is on making it easy for entrepreneurs to generate profits through their community middle class employees instead of welfare moms, and SSI recipients. Now, we all know that everyone graduating this year and those next spring will probably have to collect unemployment until their student loans require monthly payments unless that, too, can be recovered from public paychecks that were private sector taxes received to pay for all public sector  wealth generation. It’s really the least they can do other than shopping on snow days or whenever non-essential personnel need not report- that could be until 2016, according to projections to balance the budget.

All those other issues will need to be addressed as revenue becomes available to assure all contingencies are met either from state budgets or through lack of traumatic disasters other than postal strikes, police, fire fighter strikes, snow removal or picketers with a gripe perped by M$M.

Much of what has not been discussed here must be addressed during the transition period in order to hold all those creating this demise be rewarded for their service.

Yes, the Senate will not come clean either with their reluctance to prepare a budget to submit for 2013 as they haven’t in this entire term of office, so some in the administration have pledged to make things better; and we have facilities to hold them on their promises. Many believe they got away with it by discontinuing their terms of service, maybe not so quick!

An old adage; what was earned through private sector and taken by public sector should be returned to private sector.  If private sector takes from public sector it’s returned bribery, graft, no its an over budget bid with enough slush to pass along finder fees to lobbyists and contracting officers with enough to pass along waivers required to block competitive bids! Wow all in one contract that will require no more than three extensions to complete basic contract requirements. Done that, bid that, completed contract within projected due dates.


While composing this misguided missle, I viewed a slice of a Clinton oratorio about Obama’s bid four more years where Bubba says “Romney wants to take us back to”, and he slides over a fact into this phrase back to the ‘90s where DoD was removed from the balanced budget and mortgages were given to unqualified buyers while investors were free and clear of corrupted investments as SEC regulators watched porn videos on their financial  computers taking advantage of opportunites later deemed as illegal.

I hope we don’t go that forward!  

I don’t think we need to go back to that or forward to Eurozone nations.  

Perhaps our Electoral College will protect our Republic from failing falling Forward.

+ + +

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September 9, 2012

 A lot has changed since 9-11 with much distortion

 Are we really better off today than after the mortgage fiasco of early nineties? Or, how about that SEC ‘98 deregulation of Wall Street investments that lead to Madoff’s Ponzi scheme? And, did we really ignore early ‘93 Trade Center threats and a couple of dry runs in 2000?

 Every Presidential turn-over seems to get more challenging as previous White House tenants clean up their messes while avoiding transition inquisitions.  Al Gore’s tenacity and failure to abide by election laws gave us on non-event within days of Inauguration in 2001 while the global leaders questioned what was going on? 

 Within 39 weeks of building a Cabinet and gathering enough experts to man those recent vacant offices, our President, George W Bush was challenged and our major media reported on it as though it was an oversight based upon 1999 intelligence ignored by Bubba during his most current sex scandal and impeachment. 

 On January 12, 2001 while enroute to Perth, Australia; (I learned some 10 years later) I was in Singapore for 10 hours waiting on a connecting flight. In Kuala Lumpur, that same day Al-Qaeda was solidifying funding to attack 9 months later their twice tried target of the World Trade Center Towers in New York.

 America changed after that 39-week delay. 

 Today, we open up to another revelation that seems to be so well self-contained that our military, homeland security, and Congress have no clue as to what to expect after November 6th.   It’s scary to think that political commentary is as inane as is discussing social issues instead of insolvency correction, security concerns on readiness are over-shadowed by politics, and phony money transactions to hide Political fraud, congressional ineptitude and bogus inside trading by those who are charged to protect our “Free Market Economy” and strengthen our sovereign states to become more self-sufficient.

 Governors believe that moving more casinos into their states may in some way be better than containing that greed to New Jersey, Las Vegas and Native American territories. What they will learn as in Australia and New Zealand is that after a while those circus tents are empty and their economy stagnant as long as people lose their assets on gaming tables, Roulette wheels and electronically controlled input-output slot machines.

 Only way to fix this mess is to clean house.

 Voters have that implicit charge, but state election commissions don’t. They will harbor their favorite enticer’s who will grease the palms of those who will continue to buy their mules a free lunch or campaign poli-mercials in M$M time slots between bogus pharmaceutical advertising designed to control population growth.

 Yes, this is shocking, but over the past several months, our bloggers have analyzed, reported on, exposed, and challenged those Liberals whom are attempting to undermine our Republic with replacement “Forward” fascist rule.

 Much of how we got here leaves much to be explained. After all, a phony teachers strike in Chicago is just a beginning to growing concern of who is in-charge.  Students are not. Illinois is not. And, former WH aides are for what reason?  Control of our education to dumb down those outside of politics, so, public sector can work?

 There is a choice and it is a long shot, because credentials are too solid for fictional harassment and there is no contribution required other than your one VOTE if they count them.

 Democrap will prevail if let up to many polling centers. RepublICAN has relied on wannabies with limited foreign as with 50 states and 6 territories other than those phony campaign stops that almost let you meet them between eating a local product or sharing a quick drink or as our President does, a gang rally similar to 1800’s medicine men selling cure-awl medicines.

 Do you ever wonder why Presidents need a pen for each letter in their signature? All the lobbyists and sponsors receive them to confirm to their clients that they achieved their goal of stealing tax payer money for regulatory protection.

 Don’t forget to click choice and read about what worth is to you. 

 Continue to read below for more details and political analysis. Take your time and bookmark this website. Long term scare tactics are for you to give up on fighting for our good old USA.

 I have 38 years doing that as a Reservist with a first career serving many of America’s major Conglomerates in producing “Made in America” products as early as 1973 and throughout the last 40 years along with serving as CEO-Quarterback of more than five corporations in various market segments including mortgage, regulatory development, commercial marketing media, defense materiel production, automotive, aerospace, communications, sports equipment, and tactical training simulators, aviation, and government licensing as well as financial planning for several United States Cabinet agencies plus operations in 17 foreign countries through allied co-production and co-defense programs.

Uniquely, I did have out of this world experience on Apollo 11 thru Skylab 3, plus lunar rover and early Martian projects through NASA contracts and associations. Yes, I made moon landings and return splashdowns at Cape Canaveral in the simulator along with Astronaut Gordon and two Yellow Bird stewardesses.

 Send this link to everyone you know if you agree we need substantial redress of political folly to more serious economic survival.

# # #

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September 3, 2012

Everything said during Conventions is lost to memory for four weeks

All that nice rhetoric of memorable lines and words get lost when followed by envied destruction through distortion of bastardized convention speak.  It happens every cycle to confuse voters; but perhaps the Electoral College intervention offers that option as ratified our charter of 1776.

It  only takes 286 of the 587 members to vote as instructed by our 1776 Constitution executed on Monday, September 17, 1787 over George Washington’s signature as President of the United States.

After all, one man’s ideology or lack thereof is not authorized by a legal electorate.  As much as incumbents would like, their thievery of our public coffers is not condoned within our Constitution no matter who reviews it.

For that matter, if it is desired to follow other economies and nation leaders, most never die quietly after raping their citizen’s bank accounts. That is third world reality as many leaders either fear or desire.

This thought is motivated by 2011-12 global unrest.

Our government has not protected our assets, nor does it assume to care about that fact.  It cannot pay its bills, and it can neither return overpayments withheld nor those it stole or contained within non-conjoined entities incorporated in Delaware.

HOWEVER, it is legal for elected Senate and House members to benefit from insider trading while regulations deny owners, shareholders and investors that opportunity to distribute its profits within those who created it. 

Let alone our “representatives” assume it’s propriety and stature as an elected representative or Senator gives them immunity from their own restrictions not allowed to those who produced those profits in order to employ wage earners to create enough revenue to pass a percentage to our national balanced budget.

Ouch!  It doesn’t balance, it doesn’t pay; and it doesn’t provide that “watchdog” task all those 538 we elected for.

This really means, “WeThePeople” must do as was suggested recently by the CJ SCOTUS.

It is our right to correct what those who scammed cannot contain and to rid them of that responsibility through our vote, which in the so-called Congress is “jokeble” to ass-u-me (we all know what that means) they actually count and report those numbers cast on ballots or machines with no ID to verify voters.

I discussed that before and researched over 17 years to learn they could care less for you, but have real propensity to assure their seats are safe. It matters not of your belief or your savings and wages as long as they can transfer their funds from your pocket to their overseas accounts as many of the congressional leaders have trained them.  It is hard to recall all so, they overlook their corruption and fraud that includes camouflaging their election results.

At least in Chicago they did produce ballot boxes from Sardis basement to provide some election took place even if the ballots were from earlier elections.

However, that gang had trouble trying to prove Florida voters in Miami had elected our well-known climate guru through ongoing chad ”ing” while Reuters broadcast the white box truck operation behind the Florida Courthouse in Tallahassee.

Hopefully, there will be no transition period after November 6th, just a burning of Obamanation legislation, those documents to prevent adverse litigation or delay to reconvene our congress in accordance with our Constitution. Besides reality of 236 years development, our institutions are overfilled with earlier delusions of failed democracies.  

Yes, Clint tactically rambled as has our incumbent. An empty chair was very apropos as reported by M$M lack of morning cabinet meetings and in-house press briefings. So who are DUMz disgusted with?


Clint  did what Clint does best, succinctly and dramatically – “Made Our Day!”

Note: their concerns were not focused on issues, resulted in a comeback. Yes. It was apropos as well. His back was turned on his “Subject$” as he believes.

This should tell those libs and others that he can’t even look you in the face to expel a truth! He has turned his back over four years and two ears on this country of United States.

Humor is great gift when facing a crisis without leadership. It helps those concerned to focus on what is important and what is nonsense. Our economy is Laughable. Our withdrawals (both military and entitlements) are nonsense. Our congress is disgraceful and our administration is unaware of budgeting practice. 

Next: “The DUMz" :  Page 2.  

But, humorous organizational follies diminishes goal of any event. It was so evident that inclusion was deemed so important it over-whelmed M$M on their camera angles showing only one-voter segment that was so obvious it distorted the First Lady’s appeal.

Following that, it was announced that President would speak in a much smaller venue due to lack of attendance caused by aftermath of a week old hurricane? Come-on; it’s amateur night all-over again.

Nomination is wannabe night. Everyone there met earlier to discuss lobbyist strategy to raise money for all those DEMz not considered inner circle participants; one of the tuffist tactics to execute is support in a negative market. But spend like you got it and wince when you don’t.

Sounds like and looks like DUMz desire no Constitution with or without Founding Framers Declaration of Independence. Even Maryland’s Steny Hoyer sounded like a third-world truck driver without a delivery due.

How can Bubba and O account for $90 T arithmetic error if balanced budget requirement? Ignore it!  One less term may be the answer.

Yes, I’m the President, he said in a very well written speech as he listed what needs to be focused upon. Unfortunately, all those good ideas cannot be accomplished by a leader with no following or buy teams with 3rd party contracts without congressional approval or Senate leadership “AnsweringTheCall”.

Promises! Promises! As we heard 20 years ago; where’s the beef?  Rid the budget of its $200 Trillion deficit and reduce congressional costs in both houses, then you got a deal. Slim down the departments and reduce the overhead as we accept a dollar valuation that takes more time to make a millionaire then 20 seconds on Wall Street. President Yeltson did it in the nineties and within 8 years their economy stabilized and today has slight fluctuation in the global currency markets.

Votes will matter, unfortunately, those have been calculated and determined without any regard to votes gonna be cast at local precincts and absentee ballots oversea and from American citizens living and working in foreign allied nations and many others used to allies in co-production market creation for “Made in America”.

Next trauma will be the M$M phony debates that should never take place. As inane media voices are, they ass-u-me piety and unearned credibility to even host such preset script less opportunities to demean candidates from each party with biased orientation to market sponsors paid questions submitted by lobbyists advertising on those bogus forums.

In summary, the truth in campaigns lacks much authenticity and relevance to what is alleged is spoken at a convention is hype for "believe this but as witnessed four years ago" has nothing to do with accomplishments that follow due to 3rd party influence and "Congressional bag lunches"  near the Capitol dumpster.

Hope our electoral college will do as some, in the past, take corrective action for what is Right. 

No more BS less single rule - Voters need to conscientiously track their preference and challege state Election commission reports since; they do not want constituent awareness  of actual votes and accountability as normal in make-work instead of "Right to work States" .

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August 19, 2012

Where’s direction to achieve Balance-cut da crap!

More and more, questions are surfacing about President’s own speak and his written accounts. His father was a fascist, his mother was expatriate, he was educated in Indonesian and Kenya. The American Dream, or the Dreams of Obama’s Father? Dinesh D'Souza

So, how does this whey in on his transcripts? It was a bad copy from Hawaii, and sufficed to end that debate. However, policy and records seem not to be a concern of his. HIS concern is about questioning US Citizen Documents and tax returns of credible individuals with achievements.

Six year olds ask to see if you show me yours and I’ll show you mine. IRS doesn’t want to see mine cause they stole $50,000 plus interest on devalued dollars!

Is he that vulnerable on truth? Has there been no success story other than putting US at risk through Executive disclosures of clandestine operations to protect our security?

Our military is at risk of resolve through fast and furious exit from supporting our troops who were mostly Reservists sent numerous times to fight a war not funded properly, not supported politically, and no concern for our troops who had families, jobs, practices, businesses and on occasion they were given leave for two weeks, only to return to combat over 15 years as volunteers??.

Our society doesn’t share in that responsibility, nor do our politicians respect those who joined our Reserve components in their early life to become "Twice the Citizen" to support our Homeland defense, Postal Strikes, natural disasters and police union walk outs.

Thanks guys and gals for that.

Someone does recognize your patriotism and your silent sacrifice even if your Governor sold you out during your youth as you developed your businesses and completed your education before it was diluted by liberal nonsense.

Many of our political "leaders" didn’t and those that did served, some faithfully, and others "swiftly". Most were heroes; some enlisted and went to Oxford and Russia, but never reported. Then there was that time when Reserve Commanders were enticed to report full strength unit participation through pay incentives to meet congressional entitlements. However, they verbally authorized weekend warriors to skip scheduled drills through correspondence course and additional duty through week day participation to prepare for scheduled operational exercises.

Yes, it worked fine during the late 70’s and 80’s until congress screwed up the budget and decided that Reservists were a commodity to screw over to save active military costs using the less costly weapons, it was only 4 drills without benefits per month and two-weeks of annual training. That was until Desert Shield/Storm in 1990 "Answering the Call" .

Reserve units had old equipment that was replaced in some instances, but most came from the National Guard Armories and Reserve Centers with training armor as opposed to battlefield armor giving scarcely enough security for our "weekend warriors" as we were known, before we shipped to Iraq.

This was congressionally cost effective, but in reality, it cost states their first responder capability like with "Camille" 1969, but not with "Katrina" 2005 when neighboring states volunteered their troops and unit assets to help relief efforts in New Orleans. And, today, that capability is further held back through WH design not to respond to natural disaster or those fires now being set by "terrorists"?

So, what gives a non-warrior the right to engage our troops in a highly secure operation and then brag about how he killed the target which in some instances was better as a shield than a dead martyr?

Yes, a little bit of naiveté destroys a lot of security and puts those w/o training at high risk who by the way think it foolish to support our troops because they are somehow inferior to those who never served. Yet, they benefit from secure positions financially as our troops respond.

It is becoming apparent that this President has absolutely no idea of what his responsibilities are to the Electorate. But I hope OUR electorate knows what their responsibility is to our "One Nation Under God With Liberty And Justice for All".

Maybe Madoff did the right thing, showing US how wrong our government has "side tracked our free markets for wrong reasons" instead of enhancing our strengths.

       "The power under the Constitution will always be in the people.  It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can, and undoubtedly will, be recalled."  (The writings of George Washington, by John C. Fitzpatrick, GPO, 1931-44. Vol. 29:311./ Painting by Robert Scholler) 

     "Towards the preservation of your is requisite...that you resist with care the spirit of innovation upon its principles, however, specious the pretexts.  One method of assault maybe to effect, in the forms of the Constitution, alterations which will impair the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown." (ibid., 35:225. National Center for Constitutional Studies)

     It is time to execute that power by recalling our 535 servants in Congress for not fulfilling their current responsibilities and neglecting their duties to strengthen "these great pillars of human happiness".(GW 1797)

It’d be super to retrieve all that wealth stolen from the private sector through lobbyists and buried in foreign holdings over decades of congressional begging our free markets to buy their support for regulatory graft and corruption.

By the way regulations generally spell out what is appropriate procedure. For some reason our congressional members seem to think it is to impose penalty fees for producing affordable products that build economies and trade alliances that create profits for entrepreneurs and privately owned corporations in external markets with co-defense and co-production.

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August 17, 2012

Truth be known could determine outcome!

It appears that Chicago crowd has its own theory of relativity. Truth cannot win when there is no substance. Thus, any record of accomplishment cannot withstand success if challenged by untruth. Can insinuation without proof be assumed as truth?

DUM as it is may be; campaign strategy is to burden those DUMz with misinformation about rights and entitlements. But, instead impose denial tribute to challengers or incumbents with no stake in any misguided missile from on-high, as perceived through unintelligible communication.

This appears as this election cycle strategy with a tactic to not disclose or rather disclose competing candidates as wishful thinking by either party. In truth, there is none this season.

Much speculation has been directed to addressing nonsense instead of reclamation of our economy, government, and with high cost to feed and entertain our public servants.

Is there any honor in serving? Just the facts mam; It’s life-long guaranteed income to sit behind a desk, overpaid, and willing to sell one’s own soul to those 3rd party intruders. Sad truth is many cannot get out of their chairs without health risks, thus requiring govt paid medical assistance, legal or otherwise.

It started out as honorable to serve our fellow citizens, and has now become a money-tree increasing zeros throughout our worth while ignoring our rights, freedoms and values.

However, without addressing problems from an inside audit through independent investigation, our elected congress considers it better for them to acquire their wealth before the private sector businesses can reward their profit producers for executing ideas and innovations that make life easier and, at least years ago, safer.

Since 1983, I’ve been concerned about electro-magnetic impulse technology. It was discussed during our "Star Wars" project at the Matomic Building that thwarted a 3rd World War, but instead stabilized relationships with strategic partners that continue to dance on both sides of the fire storm.

It was a simple tactic that empowered several nations to strengthen resolve to not destroy our planet and gave rise to exploring technology to weather many storms including, now almost 20 years later, a concern to address destruction of communications grids and a return to that yellow wooden stick loaded with lead under a rubber delete button. We called it a pencil and it was made from natural materials not harmful to users; neither nuclear nor rare earth materials.

However, it is a very powerful tool that has served our world for centuries and still does when the lights go out and candles are lit. Unfortunately, technology has minimized its value thru three or four ltr synonyms beyond anything today’s public education achieves.

It is true "No Kid Was Left Behind". They never started so….?

Time and time again, we find corruption between our leaders and their followers that assume they are "worth it as they taketh away from those who produth it".

It is embarrassing to explain to foreigners and indigents that they can be a part of America when M$M tells them otherwise through hoaxes, misstatements, and teleprompter discussions over government controlled distribution replacing public media airwaves or what used to be freedom of choice to tune in.

Yes, we are awakening to a new born k—g that does not equate with that to which our forefathers said we could trust. Dilemma!

No that is not a misspelling of one who takes, spends, and never returns that which has been promised and signed for.

As I remembered we, we elect our representatives to represent us as 500,000 voters per district. How the hell have we lost touch with those who steal our money, collect fees to kill us through prescription drugs, and never deliver a budget for constituent service, but can take our stocks, bonds, and profits to support 3rd party thugs while burying our treasures in foreign accounts to avoid US taxes collected from congressional pay for life, but limit what entrepreneurs produce for profit in our supposedly free markets?

Our allies trusted us and our inexperienced team has failed us because well-healed members of that elite crime ring never pay back what they squirreled away abusing trust and regulation for those who could’ve produced more to keep our nation solvent.

So, as stated before. Vote for someone who you can trust with your credit card, checkbook, but not your debit card. They already did and left you with the deficit.

Vote smart not just to hear how your money becomes their money, because your great grandnephew will get the bill.

All your personal dreams as promised will not happen if you cannot trust your representative taking up a seat in Congress, either house.

This is just my .009 cents worth of a minted penny. To get your 2¢ worth, you need over 19 minted coins with 1950’s value. Just think of what you could buy with $1 back then! Clue: gas was 19¢ per gallon, Macs were 15¢, fries 5¢, and a coke was 10¢.

It’s your vote that counts the most. Not those that are reported without validation. It sure helps if you tell everyone you know to vote your choice for me to address hope for our kids’ future.

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August 5, 2012

Decision Time approaching

It’s a tough decision to elect a President or even your local Congressman, let alone a Senator whose self-interest far exceeds that of the electorate. But, no problem, your state election commission may have a solution you won’t like.

It won’t be a candidate you could trust with your checkbook or debit card. It seems funny to discuss a debit card and congress in the same thought. Of course they understand debit cards! They vote for them in every "bill".

Heavily documented, about 26 states have their own percentage of votes allocated and it does favor DEMz. Within 30 sec of poll closing, they will announce a winning number of votes exceeding a close race percentage of 1.3 precincts counted giving DEMz just enough to preclude a state paid recount; documented over seven election cycles in several states.

To make matters even more skewed, M$M has included up to 36 % more DUMz in their polling base to assure candidates get those later election results.

That’s old news, though.

AG Eric Holder, America’s rogue gun distributor, has another idea. To make it easier to at least achieve a believable number of voters to cover those skewed reports by making it illegal for states to issue voters a card or use their state photo ID cards or at least their "green card" that narrowly misses constitutional require that CITIZENS have a right to vote.

Look Maryland’s previous AG just never let its Election commission report true votes as recorded in the counties. It was "assumed"  and you pre-baby boomers and those too, know what that "stands for you and me".

Really, folks, our real choice for President, is limited. We have a choice between an indigent candidate that thinks it all about misspeak and singing off tune. It would be good to have at least read a draft before "erring" it.

Nothing gives an electorate more confidence than 6-12 commercials per day apologizing for misleading concepts presented in a first draft, unrehearsed, nationwide 3rd party "paid for message" that has no relativity to any American public sector behavior and especially when there is another candidate available to make counter gaffs.

In my many years of coaching candidates at all levels, I’ve achieved maybe 70% elected with tight scripted and accountable messages aired or spoken.

Unfortunately, many candidates egos cause their gaffs from being so self-assured, they failed to realize our time old, first "political" amendment, there’s always an open mike when you least need it, "I’ll have more opportunity to fill your lobbyists requests once the election is over." Or "after I’m reelected to a second term".

It’s not wise, either to comment on a foreign partners handling of global events while speaking jointly to the media.

Usually, it’s better to prove through action and let others talk about success. Not always best idea works, but some arbitration between co-chairs and committees, plans and operations seem to come together.

It seems Wiener’s approach to attracting women didn’t work while Spitzer’$ did. However, as much as Nixon was needed, media assured him, he was not. That’s what M$M does. Erasing 18 minutes from an audio tape in a secure Oval Office was smart probably, but not as leader of the Free World.

However, in this election, that’s at stake as well; for two reasons:

One candidate has too much foreign background and the other has just a little. Biggest problem, though, neither ever had to defend their ideas, ideals, or stand face to face with someone who with one swift move could end their position on anything including life.

It also seems, that their personal wealth gets in the way of thinking for "WeThePeople" as it is questioned by Euro, Asia, and some successful currencies in South America.

In reality, cross cultural financial planning is very smart to become one of a relatively few wealthy who diversified in the 1950s when investments were in dollars instead of pennies. Seems like the 1980’s "penny stocks" never knew how valuable they would be in our current 21st century Free Market Economies.

However, it is really just a percentage of our 1950 dollar, but it is not equivalent in percentage of spendable income after city, county, district, state, and federal tax invasion in addition to VAT, Sales, plus fees for use of private built and private funded public access through: tolls, roads, bridges, licensing, parking, filings, mortgages, and repairs, etc.

Most governors found out they can increase revenues like American Indians do with casinos and there’s corruption there too. Touted as necessary, lotteries for building schools eliminating recess and sports, and building hospitals while removing libraries, but increasing numbers of arcades and paid parks through revenues from entertainment taxes, etc., etc., etc. should replace taxes, but rising costs of supporting public servants needs more than supporting tax base provides in tax revenues and still have money to raise enough kids to pay Bubba's follies, Bush's revenge and Obama's 3rd party management teams.

This probably brings us to how to balance the Federal budget? #1, there is no budget. #2, there is no revenue, #3 we have two houses no gonads to stand up and do the RIGHT thing, #4 it seems congress cannot please either sex and doesn’t want to discriminate against either or both or same, but it’s their meddling not private sector.

I don’t want my life style to determine your life style, nor do I care for becoming part of your life style other than we can both make our own decisions. I know many pets would like to be left alone, as well.

There are many ways to fix all this, but it takes experience. 

Russian Federation chose to revalue and transition into a free market economy. It’s working! However, they want nothing to do with this administration's interference and stupidity in foreign relations.

Now, when state governments subscribed to my Mortgage on-line education for loan officers showed a profit after development, they stole the programs and cut our revenues out of the picture, even knowing we had copyrights.

That demonstrated to me how government thinkers plan to control small businesses. Unless you bribe a bureaucrat, congressman, Senator and even pay the President’s campaign expenses, you won’t have a business for more than 18 months unless it’s prescription drugs for ailments that could resolve with proper food, exercise, activity, natures herbs, and edibles; but can be cause of death as expressed in recent campaign projections for thinning out our population.

And, that is what makes members in both houses of congress wealthy beyond exponential belief. This access gives members writing or voting for regulations more of PHARMA’s Billions of dollars through investments for high cost synthetic substances mocking natural plants in our forests, which by the way are illegal if used. Not though if fabricated in a laboratory sponsored by M$M, Congress and DoJ to cover the WH's planned / denied parenthood.

As a consequence, I lost a promotion for taking a drug derivative of penicillin, Entex-LA, prescribed at a military hospital that almost killed me the next day, May 14, 1994 during my annual PT evaluation as it restricted my breathing in a mandatory 2-mile run, 60 sit-ups, and 20+ push-ups; due to a birth allergy to penicillin that was noted in my military medical records since 1963.

If only wellbeing was thought of for those in our private sector, but we can revel in this fact that public sector is more susceptible to engaging in over-dose through pre-paid HC at a fraction of cost in private sector.

It’s a tough decision to elect a President or even you’re local Congressman, let alone a Senator whose self-interest far exceeds that of yours.

However, we can also vote them out of office and carefully replace them with a candidate you could trust with your checkbook or debit card. They have one-day to take oath; and the rest, your money!.

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August 1, 2012

Best 1,363 words you’ll read in this election season 2012

It’s a tough decision to elect a President or even you’re local Congressman, let alone a Senator whose self-interest far exceeds that of the electorate. But, no problem, your state election commission may have a solution you won’t like.

It won’t be a candidate you could trust with your checkbook or debit card. It seems funny to discuss a debit card and congress in the same thought. Of course they understand debit cards! They vote for them in every "bill".

Political backers of targeted regulations and govt guarantees for bailouts buy candidates seats through M$M. Lee Ioccoca  had one for Chrysler and repaid it less than 18 months, but that's ancient history now!.  Currently, benefactors these last 3 years filed bankruptcy, so we can replace it through our income taxes.

Heavily documented, about 26 states have their own percentage of votes allocated and it does favor DEMz. Within 30 sec of poll closing, they will announce a winning number of votes exceeding a close race percentage of 1.3 precincts counted giving DEMz just enough to preclude a state paid recount; documented over seven election cycles in several states.

To make matters even more skewed, M$M has included up to 36 % more DUMz in their polling base to assure candidates get those later election results.

That’s old news, though.

AG Eric Holder, America’s rogue gun distributor, has another idea. To make it easier to at least achieve a believable number of voters to cover those skewed reports by making it illegal for states to issue registered voters a card or use their state photo ID cards or at least their "green card" that narrowly misses constitutional requirement that CITIZENS have a right to vote.

Look Maryland’s previous AG just never let its Election commission report true votes as recorded in the counties. It was assumed and you pre-baby boomers and those too, know what that "stands for you and me".

Really, folks, our real choice for President, is limited. We have a choice between an indigent candidate that thinks it all about misspeak and singing off tune. It would be good to have at least read a draft before "erring" it.

Nothing gives an electorate more confidence than 6-12 commercials per day apologizing for misleading concepts presented in a first draft, unrehearsed, nationwide 3rd party "paid for message" that has no relativity to any American public sector behavior and especially when there is another candidate available to make counter gaffs.

In my many years of coaching candidates at all levels, I’ve achieved maybe 70% elected with tight scripted and accountable messages aired or spoken.

Unfortunately, many candidates egos cause their gaffs from being so self-assured, they failed to realize our time old, first "political" amendment, there’s always an open mike when you don’t need it, "I’ll have more opportunity to fill your lobbyists requests once the election is over." Or "after I’m reelected to a second term…..".

It’s not wise, either to comment on a foreign partners handling of global events while speaking jointly to the media.

Usually, it’s better to prove through action and let others talk about success. Not always best idea works, but some arbitration between co-chairs and committees, plans and operations seem to come together properly.

It seems Wiener’s approach to attracting women didn’t work while Spitzer’$ did. However, as much as Nixon was needed, media assured him, he was not. That’s what M$M does. Erasing 18 minutes from an audio tape in a secure Oval Office was smart probably, but not as leader of the Free World.

However, in this election, that’s at stake as well; for two reasons:

One candidate has too much foreign background and the other has just a little. Biggest problem, though, neither ever had to defend their ideas, ideals, or stand face to face with someone who with one swift move could end their position on anything including life.

It also seems, that their personal wealth gets in the way of thinking for "WeThePeople" as it is questioned by Euro, Asia, and some successful currencies in South America. It's generally not a good idea to brag about personal wealth if you're discussing how to help less fortunate wage earners excel in producing profits instead of receiving tax monies as earnings and through book sales that impose security threats to potential constituents.

In reality, cross cultural financial planning is very smart to become one of a relatively few wealthy who diversified in the 1950s when investments were in dollars instead of pennies. Seems like the 1980’s penny stocks never knew how valuable they would be in our current 21st Century Free Market Economies.

However, it is really just a percentage of our 1950 dollar, but it is not equivalent in percentage of spendable income after city, county, district, state, and federal tax invasion in addition to VAT, Sales, plus fees for use of private built and private funded public access through: tolls, roads, bridges, licensing, parking, filings, mortgages, and repairs, etc.

Most governors found out they can increase revenues like American Indians do with casinos and there’s corruption there too. Touted as necessary, lotteries for building schools eliminating recess and sports, and building hospitals while removing libraries, but increasing numbers of arcades and paid parks through revenues from entertainment taxes, etc., etc., etc. should replace taxes, but rising costs of supporting public servants needs more than supporting tax base.

This probably brings us to how to balance the Federal budget? #1, there is no budget. #2, there is no revenue, #3 we have two houses no gonads to stand up and do the RIGHT thing, #4 it seems congress cannot please either sex and doesn’t want to discriminate against either or both or same, but it’s their meddling not private sector.

I don’t want my life style to determine your life style, nor do I care for becoming part of your life style other than we can both make our own decisions. I know many pets would like to be left alone, as well.

There are many ways to fix all this, but it takes experience. Russian Federation chose to revalue and transition into a free market economy. It’s working! However, they want nothing to do with this administration's interference and stupidity in foreign relations.

Now, after state Regulators subscribed to my Mortgage on-line education for loan officers showed a profit after development, they stole the programs and cut our revenues out of the picture, even knowing we had copyrights.

That demonstrated to me how government thinkers plan to control small businesses. Unless you bribe a bureaucrat, congressman, Senator and even pay the President’s campaign expenses, you won’t have a business for more than 18 months unless it’s prescription drugs for ailments that will resolve with proper food, exercise, activity, natures herbs, and edibles; but can be cause of death as expressed in recent campaign projections for thinning out our population.

And, that is what makes members in both houses of congress wealthy beyond exponential belief. This access gives members writing or voting for regulations more of PHARMA’s Billions of dollars through investments for high cost synthetic substances mocking natural plants in our forests, which by the way are illegal if used. Not though, if fabricated in a laboratory sponsored by M$M, Congress and DoJ to cover up for WH.

As a consequence, I lost a promotion for taking a drug derivative of penicillin, Entex-LA, prescribed at a military hospital that almost killed me the next day, May 14, 1994 during mandated annual PT evaluation as it restricted my breathing in a 2-mile run, 60 sit-ups, and 20+ push-ups; due to a birth allergy to penicillin that was noted in my military medical records since 1963. Considering I was born 3 days after Pearl Harbor and 4 days before Green Bay Packers beat Chicago Bears in first of three championship playoffs.

If only wellbeing was thought of for those in our private sector, but we can revel in this fact that public sector [including welfare, unemployed, SSI, and relatives] is more susceptible to engaging in over-dose through pre-paid HC at a fraction of cost to private sector wage paid employees or business owners.

It’s a tough decision to elect a President or even you’re local Congressman, let alone a Senator whose self-interest far exceeds that of you as part of our electorate.

However, we can also vote them out of office and carefully replace them with someone you can trust with your checkbook or debit card. They have one-day to take oath; and the rest, your money!

I’ve been a RepubliCAN, but had experience analyzing strategies for both recognized parties including socialists and Independents. We learned that in Wisconsin as we studied history of Lincoln’s Republican party.


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July 14, 2012

It’s time to take the beach ball out of the sandbox, that guy stole it; broke it.

I, for one, would prefer to pay taxes six months following my birthday and based upon what is left after living costs; sustenance, necessities, and what might be left after reasonable prices for goods and services. Or, as we would call it, residual income not indebted to credit cards, loans, mortgages, tuitions, auto financing, public services; electrical, gas, water, residential parking, local busing, and let’s throw in sewage and trash pickup which is generally fouled up by government. This limits it to disposable income after adjusted left-overs, or, nuttin honey.

In today’s economy, there is no rhyme or reason to withhold percentages of personnel earnings each month especially if a low, low VAT is imposed against residual savings.

With threatened increases in credit card rates from banks, it should be mandated to absolve all depositor fees through liquidation of account owner costs before jacking up user fees that for years backed up commercial loans to businesses and governments. These losses those esteemed financial gurus accrued was real theft for personal gain at depositor loss.

Look Bank of America’s whole goal in early 2000 was to entice depositors to create a capital pool of assets to hedge their business development base that was thin in dollars. That was Bank of America’s whole reason to buy up banks to screw the depositors of earned interest from commercial loans to float businesses over the weekends. They had no loyalty to private-personal bank account holders other than use their capital for commercial expansion.

As a guesstimate, forcing that adjustment would probably write off all private debt from credit cards thus leveling the economic playing field through customer loyalty to remedy fraudulent lending practices in favor of consumer loyalists.

There are however, those bogus state fees to use tax paid public services, including registrations, drivers licenses, marriage licenses, birth certifications, and voter registration cards; perhaps those could be waived by not paying inflated taxable wages to public servants at rates approaching 2.6 times private sector peers. Government services are to be paid from annual taxes. Governors need to learn how to budget and balance their assets or lose them.

This is where fiscal planning must be balanced budget oriented and not as Jack Johnson or Joe Curran and family have secured in Maryland. Taxes are not for personal gain as much as it is allotted to pay infrastructure, security, and administrative costs of wise budgeting.

Both federal and state value added taxes attached to consumables as well as necessities, like clothing, shoes, furniture, cleaning equipment such as carpet vacuum sweepers, clothes washers and dryers, energy for cooking, lighting, dishwashing with maintenance of equipment including transportation, and of course access to public air waves and telecommunications should be assessed to those media who want an audience, not to private sector profit producers, their target. If audience is to pay for distribution it should be without commercial breaks. FCC wronged "WeThePeople" when misallocating our airwaves.

Perhaps, only a minimum profit tax should be assessed to business without having them collect employee income taxes. Thus, a flat 6% vat tax without duplicating those amounts from the same income individuals who created those profits will stop congressional thievery each month. Look there is enough money in every member ‘s accounts from insider trading than even the President which is where we need controls. Oh! We do, just not accountable.

If I’ve missed some of Obama’s class taxes, those could be assessed based upon residual remains from those public sector salaries and government giveaway programs savored by not assessing private sector for cost of public sector plus their cost of living and double taxed life styles of guaranteed income plus access to unemployment while working, EBT, child care, government grants, and revenues generated from insider trading through lobbyists, brokerages and federal financed loans, vacations, sick leave, accumulated vacation pay , and personal time outside of unscheduled leave exempting non-essential employees exceeding the local population base and average local income with guaranteed inflated retirement packages in addition to their state, federal, and local Benefit packages combined.

So, that’s the situation!

A tax is recommended on Internet sales, for what justified reason? How about just adding price point at less than shipping costs to equal the selling price! WoW! Equitable to seller and buyer; but not a tax for government interference under guise to level the playing field, or is it to cover up corruption of Annual Budget items.

States will even concoct reasons to take kids from parents to sell their foster home programs so that many social workers can get a bounty for those transactions. Maryland’s Secretary of Health and Human services resigned in 2001 over a case that was foiled by their Social Services Chief having elicited through a school counselor a young elementary school girl who was angry at her mom and told them she wanted to leave home. They already had a buyer whose husband was not all that honorable according to the retrieved youngster about 30 miles away from her mom’s home

If that’s a liberal agenda, there is no room in my agenda to tolerate that kind of thinking.

Unfortunately, that is not a government required agenda to budget for a welfare state replacing our right to freedom, to elect our representatives ( I hope our voters learned in these last three years why it is important to vote and maybe our Election Commissions will learn how to report the counted votes after the count instead of reporting guestimates to defraud voters of their right to elect their choice of candidates).

There is a lot wrong in "FORWARD" thinking, it’s "fascism!" Not much of it reflects upon our RepublICAN tenor or free economic society with its market development building not only "Made in America", but also creating free markets in other nations that will increase our sales as well as our respect for co-defense when we will need it; cause we really blew it for most of our recent 4-years now.

On a more positive note, let me direct you to a website that addresses what our country’s needs are to grow and how to do it. These thoughts have accumulated over some 60 years through experience and involvement that at one time was discouraging because of Congressional behavior and media exploits into parliamentary procedure.

And it keeps getting worse. Congress = Greed, Opprobrious, Negligent, Gibberish, Reprehensible, Exaggeratory, Subnormal, Stooges as alluded to by a young upstart.

However, I was able to regroup after the Bubba fiasco and the events after 9-11 that seemed to befuddle our government from every angle except how to cope with a dysfunctional House and Senate that had formed during the ‘90s after we used strategies and tactics in building our strength and advancing our resolve that culminated in Desert Shield/Storm, a 100 hour war equal to and efficient as an Israeli war of same length of time, that disrespected our Reservists for 18 months and destroyed our Homeland Security first responders.

Our response was an uneducated and thoughtless regard for security, combining all into one eliminating that second opinion as well as miring in our leadership into a huge debacle of government agencies with total deference to concepts of "How to survive a Jug ____"

Thank that one air traffic controller for breaking through the bureaucracy and making that call to the Air Force to respond as he directed all aircraft within 300 miles of the United States from his Reston, VA tower to land immediately as well as directing the 36,500 airborne planes to land within 30 minutes at the closest airfield in the United States. That’s leadership of an unsung hero who saved thousands of more lives by averting attacks in many major cities. They mentioned him once because he wasn’t an elected official, however, he took that oath to protect and defend as all of us Reservists did in good faith to protect our Homeland.

Truthfully, I have heard no such praise for any elected official who has ever made such an Independent decision within seconds of an awakening like this before except on December 10th, 1941, the day I was born. I sent my twin to first, check out the situation.

Obviously, this is not written for the media; but written to address, what is missing from our dialogue today. That which is missing is observation, analysis, speculation, understanding, cohesiveness, planning, education, security; need to know vs. one-upmanship, and arrogance of strange bedfellows. What we receive is piety, insults, sandbox rhetoric, ignorant- thoughtless guessing, words that neither work together nor associate desires of those who legally vote.

And, it’s all distorted by our MSM over absolute nonsense. I’m sure the Obama legacy book next year will portray a completely different life path than his first revelation changed in second printing.

Why did you vote that way in 2008? I didn’t! I voted for who should’ve won that year.

Awe common, take a guess! Clue

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July 4, 2012

Perhaps we need another original Fourth of July

It worked in 1776 and might have similar success this year. Maybe delayed for a few months, but a win by motivated voters.

All day long my mind reiterates that one salient commercial where in rout family discussion this comment arises one at a time: "I’m Sick of It, sick of it."

Issues are not personal choice! It’s not Presidential lies and skirmishes over rhetoric with fancy language and pandering from the seat of power or from misconceptions of " I know how to create jobs".

It's about value we Americans have held according to our goals, but how our Congress has diluted our economy, lost its direction and through greed lost our wealth and belief that leadership somehow knows what it's doing.

Well! Ed Kline told us through the perps own friends what really it's missing. Although completely candidly, it was obvious right from the start when he "filled in" the words to the "Oath of office" and had to try again later. Yes, The CJ SCOTUS inadvertently or in retaliation for lack of confirmation by the "PRESENT" Senator from Illinois. Seems most elected officials from that state wind up in a minimum security rest home with golf and tennis for 1-24; not par, nor 30 All.

What is wrong with America is "congressional greed " and ineptitude to understand "it ain’t their money". Lobbyists also broke the bank because their clients paid them and set aside bribe money from profits created by private sector consumers along with paying for public sector salaries, benefits and taxes, while many in government seek unemployment, EBT cards, food stamps and personal time, vacation time, sick leave, and three times as many Holidays as that other sector in the workforce struggles to accomplish productivity with increasing burden of over taxing to pay servant fraud and gauranteed incomes.

Why is it that family farms are disappearing? Who said property owners cannot use their assets to create wealth? Why are States reluctant to manage their resources, their population base? Why are schools limited in teaching nonsense instead of skills, basic reading, math, and problem solving instead of covering bananas with condoms? Why is it important that elementary school kids get less than nutritional meals through school kitchens? Why do we insist on busing? Why did we tolerate a ‘60s over response to a very weak education system that failed to teach within neighborhoods?

Why did conscription train a few and leave out the others after our national experience during a Civil War and later a Spanish American War? What was so difficult in recruiting soldiers to defend in 1918 and later 1942?

Did values expand beyond basics of humanity? What is happening today with targeted marketing for votes? Is it failure to see America’s greatness in its Constitutional approach to Freedom? Why formed as Republic, did we chose a democratic style government with a life-span of 200 years, and we existed now for more than 236 years and corrupt as hell?

Public servants were meant to serve, wasn’t it? When will they? Granted civil servants are people, who chose to serve, not steal all the benies and revenues generated by private sector free markets, or is it? "Cause, it sure doesn’t look good from a review of 70 things Obama doesn’t want us to know about, including I guess the $200,000,000,000,000 is deficits through derivatives while he looks forward to over $109,000 per month - OK with that? Don’t you wish private money could do that for all of us?

Getting back to reality, don’t need to boil water for tea, use the pool and add ice.

Many still push belief in global warming.

Fact check, folks, CO2 is excreted from volcanos, rivers, forests, and mountains from pressure below and above different geological layers. Plants need CO2 as do weather patterns that pick up evaporation into the atmosphere to mix with moisture and form cloud cover  to reflect heat back into the stratosphere.

Summertime in Australia is December through April and they have very few mountain ridges topping out at 3,500 feet unlike our 12,000 foot Tetons and Rocky Mountains out West. "Down under" there are some  forests near Darwin and into Queensland, plus medium sized mountains close to Melbourne as well as near Christchurch, New Zealand. Temperatures are normal dry heat at 1030 Celsius in Perth and heavy humidity in Brisbane.

I bring this up because their latitude is along the Tropic of Capricorn or 200 below the Equator as the Tropic of Cancer is 200 above the Equator or between Key West and Cuba.

America is positioned in a very strategic location for best of all year weather patterns that make us the bread basket of the World. So, why abuse our environment for political purposes through regulations benefitting a few and their leaches rather than enjoy and develop our use of natural resources to propagate increasing their volume instead of wasting them through greedy regulations to deprive beneficial development through private sector ingenuity and productivity.

The real issues to decide in our election include: 1) is there a leader who has some experience in resolving strategies and tactics to achieve objectives and accomplish targets; 2) whether it is economics, scientific, military, small business, corporate giants or common sense in motivating education through training, aptitude, interest, and passion. 3) Without these goals, we are circling the wagons for an eventual attack or failure to protect our asses (oops assets).

Oversight is not a quality for leadership as much as vision and talent to motivate individuals to accomplish tasks within goals that can reduce tactical mistakes in economics, politics, and creating business profits. Inventions are inspirations that through experimentation improve man’s adaptability to reach theories that can be applied to reach targets of opportunity and beyond to increase productivity, usefulness, teamwork, and organization. It isn’t accomplished through rear view mirrors of Justice, administrative inability to understand motivation/inspiration/reward, or Congressional stupidity (I used this word because a sophisticated analysis probably would be lost in that hierarchy of nonessentials) that has groupies buying favors, like whores in South America and America’s major cities.

Yes, some of that is legal around the world, but in America's old fashioned values, and natural common sense makes a credible society without the Gestapo overlooking every nuance of personal living. Obviously many rules have changed acceptable standards, some for the better, others to harass, and even more for control.

November 6th must change to renew our Freedoms we celebrate today July 4th 2012.

The moment will come to regret we didn’t take action away from the establishment and replace it with going back to the future where honestly was not threatened by anarchy and Freedom was for every citizen in these United (sovereign) States of America.

We need no tea party rebellion in Boston Harbor. That was about a tax on imported tea from India, a British Colony, nor its associated tax on window glass. What we need is a Patriot (twice the Citizen) who has served and sacrificed to make it right for citizens and those who wish to be.

We need to energize our population and today it is more important that we do it without restraint and fear mongering. We desperately need to revalue our dollar to 100 cents instead of .009 cents. We need to print new designed dollars with security thread, colored visuals, and possibly Mylar clear portions and dated to replace current currencies that will dismantle the forgeries and stock piles of worthless money.

It worked in less than 10 years in Russia and their stability has normalized to between 29-32 Rubles to our dollar. In 1990 it was 1R:$6 and went to 50,000R:$1 by 1998 ~ revalued to 5,000R:$1 and normalized in 2002  close to 33R:$1 fluctuating between that and 27R:$1 for some 15 years.

Our problem is top 1% of wealthy like the zeros rather than the value that make us vulnerable to investment fraud and foreign competitive valuation against unstable economics based upon virtual stock market trades and day players discarding 29 day grace periods to complete their transactions. Yes, there are many takes on how to scam the corporate profits and how to beat the regulations with valueless operations curtailing production and jobs development to avoid government interference in offering American commodities at home, in-country markets and within external global markets in exchange for stability in currencies with equalized trade agreements instead of balancing deficits and bailouts to appear to be serious.

It’s a game without rules and strength without reason for those who enjoy their ravishing untethered wealth denied to everyone. Eisenhower warned us. Reagan curtailed it. Bush 41 controlled it. Bubba exploited it. Bush 43 got the goat and all hell broke loose. And following has been the worst rape of American history and its unfettered abuse of power with Ried and Pelosi gloating over mistakes for fascism.

Our sovereign states lost their way when Fema and DoD stole control of natural disasters and homeland security. DHS was probably an overreaction to 9-11 and should be dismembered to allow states to implement their learning curve from the last 6 years of incompetent exploitation of the US economy by a few with self-assumed failed wisdom.

If it isn’t me you will vote in; then think very, very hard who do you trust? The dreamer pandering at our expense or a guy who says he knows how to… but never has without a zillion foot notes.

Your choice to let your convention delegates learn too!

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June 4- 2012

Potential concerns that need to be factored

Looks like no matter what is said M$M has one voice and it is selling ancient history of slavery back into the future.  Even bloggers are talking history of the good old days. Comparing apples to oranges and stock market recoveries with losses, then someone interjects laws requiring this and that making less cents than just paying our Congress to watch out for our ass-ts.

Even Henry Ford watched long enough before putting a crank in front replacing that horse’s a--- driving the wagon.  Unfortunately, it worked to relieve drivers from having to clean up afterwards, but sometimes it was cranky to start that old model “T” offered in black only.

Ah yes, times have been a changing. We longer teach hand-writing. Kids are more dependent than our first settlers. Hard earned money ain’t and thinking isn’t required, nor is “lending a helping hand” except in maybe traditional families.

With that brief scenario and for many of us who can remember events without an IPOD, or G4 smart phone, GPS service that has difficulty communicating directions like “down the road apiece and right at the fork” has many out there lost, excited for all the wrong lost time things, and distractions to remembering which path through woods went to grandma’s house.

Today there are too many decisions to be made to where you no longer can reach for that coffee cup while driving across an intersection without having someone get angry cause they’re in to much of hurry to kill someone cause that can’t react to fast enough to slow down.

Just few hours ago I was driving on a 50 mph roadway in a commercial area where speeds according to law enacted 25-35 mph some years ago is normal to see cars at 60-75mph weaving in and out of the two lanes trying to get to yellow light before crossing traffic can edge forward. One lady in an SUV went fast to get a head of a dump truck, then swerved to jump in front of it to another lane before repeating her passing to a left hand lane as traffic was slowing for an eminent “red”  light.

What we teach today has nothing to do with survival.  It has nothing to do with family. Attitudes and behavior are without mention cause no one is learning how to compose complete thoughts about events, prognostications, results, contingencies nor effects with grave affects or even humility. In fact our youth think less than 120 characters away from disaster using social media which is uncontrollable to ruin a reputation, bank account, surprise announcement or even a family reproducing an offspring onto the family tree.

I noted some bloggers addressing these issues, but not M$M nor on the campaign trail or even as talking heads espouncing know-it-all for the benefit of y’awl.

So, after saying that, I went back to my car’s computer to make sure it gives the information I need when driving. When to fill the tank. When to turn the crank, and when to use a hand signal, or even a rear view mirror to avoid the neighbors kids in my driveway-I put a beeper back there in 1985. Ever since that installation I never ran over a neighbors kid or any other. Never before either.

As you read this you are probably smiling or saying something like this guy’s nuts.

So beit, never caused an accident, never got a speeding ticket, never went through a red light (nor got caught), never had a camera ticket, and only ran out of gas when pulling up to a gas pump. Gotta know your vehicle, situation, immediate assets (gas), and look forward to assure you can make those manuvers to remain in one-piece as well as one peace (no litgation or medical assistance) without retribution for being irresponsible.

What I’m opening your two eyes to is being 360 degrees aware of what is happening around you.

Only parents can teach that. It is too easy for todays young’ins to get away with it. How much we need from government to keep us safe is to assure every kid knows how to protect their assets in front and around them to survive.  The IPOD and the notebook will not. It takes being alert and through early training can be ingrained in our youth for a life time. If not learned well could be a short memory or a life time instilling thrills that great grandkids will appreciate the old stories that seem only months ago.

Now to my message.

You need to consider not only your concerns, but how will you feel if someone else does your thinking for you. For one, I haven’t met anyone whose concerns for me are close to mine for them.

As a preboomer and vet along with tremendous experiences around the world and from nearly pole to pole, I understand much more than 24-7; more like 24-24-7 which in retail sales or e-commerce and International Stock trades are driving people broke, but not like our “good ole” days baroque or with currency today broker relying on value that is called inflation rather then theft of our strength and personal worth.

It’s not tradable nor is it free.  It’s born from sweat, tears, and focus on truth, justice, honesty, planning,  and on and on through Websters huge book of accolades salted with other words to become a dictionary, but not dictitorial mandate.

Leadership is not “I done it”.  It is: this might make it better for all us, tell your Representative to represent you not his own interests. Same goes for that future President. Whatever he did in the past that was acknowledged with huge wages, benies means absolutely nothing if he can’t project or gives excuses before he has had that first “cabinet” meeting for collective representation.

One-man is not a government  I  as a RepublICAN want to help my family, friends, neighbors, and associates by not taking taking us to war without experience living in America earning a living through our Free Market Economy or being given all expense paid education to be a percentional without real life experience in the USA.

It makes no sense to bend over to foreign interests that have no interest in cooperative building of co-production market development or co-defense alliances to strenthen our global bonds. One foreign rogue does not an economy build.

Vote smart not dumb.

Advertising sells a lot of worthless schemes, some entrapments, some worthless, some to intice and some that really may be something you can believe in. Listen and watch carefully, cause November 6 is a coming and those lefties want you to vote early so they can use you name over and over again to count those votes that are not cast.

There are only a half dozen or more states that don’t honestly count your one vote. Always ask your poll-siters if they ask people for ID or to dip their finger in the colored ink. It worked very well in the first election in Iraq in 2002 without incident or question. It should work here in the USA if we care to be the very best. 

In 2009, I was on Maryland's ballot as Republican Comptroller but the DEMs printed my name on theirs and when the media reported my win at 10:55 they neglected to mention that at on the 11:00 oclock news as my phone was ringing all night from voters with congratulations as I informed them that will change in two hours.  It seven times in my campaings because Mikuski was concerned she would lose - and she did but voter fraud in the state never reported totals  to avoid state paid recounts.

Don’t need to be a mother Russia, an Afghanistan delight, a French revolution, an Italian sausage, or a Cuban cigar, just be an American and vote RIGHT to cleanse our Republic of false promises and deficit building instead lets begin to to rebuild free markets, “Made In America”.

You know I would like the challenge and have much experience resolving sticky wickets as well as troubling profits including government contracting relief and building job opportunities in private growth industries for 250+ US entities.   I did not take a fortune from any of them mainly because they met their projections rather swiftly through my assessments and projected resolve to restructure their marketing to become more comepetitive.  It was not my goal to short sheet those businesses wanting to hire more employees to grow in their communities.

It will require you and everyone who wants to be more productive without government intervention on your life and your business and especially your family at a very high cost of one vote each (in some states it may require frequent voting for a week or so in advance). Liberals can help you get to the polls but there is no obligation to vote with them.


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May 24, 2012

Should candidates buy the White House or voters choose the occupant?

It takes each voter to cast the Right vote or only a few  “insider“  will buy the position like those who got us into this pickle. 

They’re good on hamburgers and in salads, but let’s get our nation resolved to execute our “free market economy” and “Made in America” products to build our markets for our global Internationl consumer, industrial alliances, partnerships while building co-defense and co-production capabilities to prevent an industrial monopoly costing American jobs and profits.

Time is now to break a brokered convention to keep RepublICANs from losing focus to DUEMs and M$M over petty amatuer decisions and muppet controlled lobby wealth.

I cannot offer that because, over my liftetime, corporate executives have come to me to resolve issues in many diverse markets around the world including expansion of computer technological, creative market expansion in Eastern Europe, throughout the United Kingdom, and several asian entities. Through military assignments and positioning experiences with foreign dignitaries in the middle-east, Egypt, and Isreal with remote involvement into Ghana, Nigeria, and many “Third World nations” with quick responses to meet their marketing  dreams. 

Additionally, after Vietnam, programs I developed for PSA media campaigns serving recruiting needs of all 50 states to rebuild their militia for homeland security in the period after ending our induction programs to an all voluntary defense team contributed greatly to ending the cold war.  Then, some ten years later, our homeland security was dismantled by Congress to take advantage of our experienced volunteers to augment “in support” actions through our “State National Guards” and their small units of administrative Garrisons and support troop programs leaving us exposed as when Katrinna devastated Lousianna. 

That followed Governors accepting Equipment and Troop funding through reorganization to dilute our Active military for cost savings that instead ruined the lives of Reserve Component members who were activated time and again destroying their partime “Twice the Citizen” role in America’s defense.

Check out this link to view  “Answering the Call” ; how our military was reorganized to answer those attacks in February 1991 compared with how we answered 9-11 by keeping our “Twice The Citizens” in combat as active-duty troops and replaced by costly contractors now exploiting our security to reduce our DoD fiscal burden.

From personal experience of our Component Reservists and State National Guard personnel, they, for two decades left their families, professions, small business, Corporate development to serve, and now our CIC expects that since they must have 20 years service and  waiting until age 63 to receive entitlements is cost effective, since their active duty pay ends when they return home in less than a 180 day attachment or assignment overseas.

Companies, too, bidding on defense contracts, contribute their teams to assure equipment servicability as well as support efforts in the “safe zone” but at risk to lives due to battlefield logistics. 

To solve that mentality, my intropsec tells me, we must assure all Americans take security seriously which may require online, or field training for at least 90 days  in basic “boot Camp”  - two-years training just to suvive in our metropolitan communities.  Many “Xs”, “Ys”, and upcoming “Zs” are vulnerable to naivete regarding personnel security or even surveillance when exposed to intimidating situations.  

Statistics for some 40 years recant that our minority high schoolers figure they may survive to 18 years age unless they can get into prison before the turn 22. Sad, but true in many hard neighborhoods.   This is their testimony and outlook.

Many in our public sector think our troops are inferior to main stream private sector profit builders and have no quam to destroy our patriots who volunteered to be our “Home Guard” for natural disasters and foreign threats on our main land. We have had Phds and professors in our northeast form artillery battalions in state National Guard  Groups to keep their shorelines safe.

So, if projections are for 28 more years of recession that will devestate our economy and our position as a World leader, we need voters to elect someone with insight, professional orientation, and vision to resolve our International relationships to protect our producers (profits), develop their markets (sales), and entrust enough resolve within our alliances to assure we maintain a level playing field.  Without that we are, as many believe, milktoast and those dividing us will evenutally annihilate our RepublICAN leadership through practical ignorance.

It is up to our voters – not the “FED”, “Wall Street”, or “incapable politicians”.  Lobbyists, cannot buy our security cause it is not tangible nor sufficient if we out source our security at inflated rates compared to our Department of Defense unit structure budget numbers creating exploded emphasis on President / General Eisenhower’s abhorance to our misfortunate “Miltary Industrial Complex”.

With that, it is up to our voters to decide if DEMs will dum us down or REPs will build us UP to where our founders pointed our destiny.  Much has not changed, but that which did is off-track because in railroad terms, someone threw the switch to the cliff and not to the track over the bridge. AND, he brags about to our competition over open mics, and in college graduation speeches as he goats our Universities into developing not productive students; but conscripted debtors beyond any imagination of conscious decision makers.

Our strategy must be to vote in someone who cares and has experienced failures of those in  leadership to steer our “Ship of State”. It doesn’t take finese. It takes planning, experience, strategies and understanding of mind sets beyond the scope of Harvard, Stamford, Princeton and Rev. Wright’s rhetoric of the 60s as experienced at 1968’s Democratic convention.

It’s important to change our course of frivloity and nuance to planning strategically, with tactical precision, and goals as precise as an acquaintance in Isreal’s military who successfully removed Idi Amin Dada, who became known as the 'Butcher of Uganda' from power in an extraodinary operation that was so well executed with unrenting tactics targeted for success without questionable contingencies, as it should be.

Our Tax payers need that precision from our congress for plans for success instead of defeat, I mean balance not deceit. Financial growth happens  when ideas build revenue streams that result in sales or trades on value for money that exceeds cost of production.  The money tree lost its appleand squirrels store their find, communities need dollars circulating throughout their population to build an economic base. 

Anything else is nonsense that 3rd party percentionals have wet dreams over.

It all starts at the top. Successful economies flourish because of belief in leaders who have vision of obstacles and alternatives without contingencies for failure through 3rd party interference for What is Due on behalf of “WeThePeople”, whether RepulICAN , 'cause DEMscant.


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April 4, 2012

Decisions need to made to prevent DuMs distruction of our Republic

Distractions and support from M$M seem to be threatening our REPs resolve. It is not only scary but has confused voters who prepare to ignore voting because of misinformation and focus created on non-issues for a Presidential win.

Many of the issues debated have nothing to do with running a country with world’s greatest assets or work ethic, family or freedoms to reach success.

These last few years stretching from 2006 winding down from six-years of havoc created by a lame duck DEM Congress that destroyed our homeland ownership of homes through bogus mortgage reforms and attacking our investments through relaxed fraud and inept SEC members reviewing porn on government computers instead of catching thieves like Madoff and several others  hiding blue dresses and Whitewater Transactions in White House closets seems a poor legacy.

However, ignorance is bliss in a majority Senate and a less than half-full House of DEMs.

Unfortunatley, the ineptitude of leadership known around the world and expressed at global levels of leadership became refered as "a Clinton" – a joke! A joke for opening the wrong doors, for lying to grand juries, for getting caught under the desk while influencing policy with congressional members engineering capital take-out of taxpayer assets.

Yes, those were the days you couldn’t turn on your TV at dinner time without your pre-schoolers and elementary classroom discussions about what was or was not sex. Embarassing to say the least; especially when dignitaries around the world question American resolve and respect for that office of President of the United States. That same issue has been used to define us "Americans" again by M$M liberals incoherent messages and lack of hutspa for truth in budgeting the people’s trusted earnings.

Guess it comes from within that Democratic party which seems to be outside of realism and respect for their offices. Law to them is a tool to be ignored. And, an outlet to lobby $s with insider information.

That era before that attack was well documented; but ignored by personal distractions to get out of town before the grandjury deliberated. Phony votes in Florida and announcing a win prematurely then claiming fraud after multiple recounts set a stage denying a transition period thus leaving any threats off the table for 39 weeks before 9-11.

That set a precedent for what is about to happen again.

Our Democracy is failing after 2037 years because The People are denied the truth about how our Republic was set up to protect "We the People" against such tyranny. It does not rely upon a congress that was set up to represent the people, constituents, who recognised all could not attend those annual sessions and voted to send representatives to protect their interests from fraud and corruption.  How honorable!

I remember that day in July 1967 when I introduced my 4-day old son to Martin Luther King at our front steps on Milwaukee’s Eastside as he lead and greeted people marching from on the other side of the River after those tumultuous 1967 riots.

Later the Democratic Convention in 1968 requiring a National Guard and Army Reserve activation to protect those DEMs from themselves. Issue at that time was Vietnam with an after-action by Michgan Governor George Romney (R) removing his name from the Republican ticket that year.

Many years later, in 1979, I was assigned as aide to the Adjutant General in Michigan’s National Guard. In addition, I was transfered from Reserve to working with all Governors in the 50 states and three territories undercontract to the National Guard Bureau. I formed and directed a field force to professionalize our State Recruiters raising their production from 1 out of 100 potentials to 3 out 4 enlistees. In less than 18 months, we went from 65% unit fill to 110% with congress arguing that it exceeded budget. Yes, back then there was a budget that produced access to members for pork.  

However,  our military with volunteers trained millions of high school graduates and college professors into a front line of first responders in our states in readiness to support any natural or man-made disaster. It didn't just happen, though, Local media accepted a challenge through PSA (public service announcements) advertising in each state for their hometown National Army Guard and Air guard bringing together family, influencers, business leaders and educators assisting our youth to become "Twice the Citizens" through part-time service on behalf of our towns, cities and states. 

We turned our enlistees from inductees, back then to an "All Voluntary" force that in 1980 acknowledged by Russia Generals as a big deterrent to aggression. We had no major conflicts from 1973 through 1991. 

As commander of a Michigan National Guard Unit, I was requested to bring my unit to the REPs convention to provide media liasion during the Reagan-Bush nomination at the Joe Louis Convention Center in Detroit, 1980. It was peaceful and did not reflect earlier assumed problems following the disasterous 1960’s riots.

Highlight was nominating Reagan with "H.W.", a fomer Ambassador to China and CIA Chief as Vice President. At any rate, the team recreated a healthy economy even with charges of Vodoo economics that Clinton benefitted from and distroyed within his eight year tenure from that trickle down process over preceeding 12 years..

Thus, neutralizing that "Cold War" early in 1983 threat while softening defense rhetoric followed by "Star Wars" three floors above my office across the street from the Millionaire’s club where the President often dined and Tom Hanks stared in "Man With One Red Shoe".

So now, we’re faced with more vodoo due dew through third party interference by containing government costs of operations at over spending levels to collect residuals from congressional "Budgeting" and bailouts producing bankruptcies as a solution to balance. All this while increasing Taxpayer Losses of Freedoms, Paychecks, Individual rights, and Trust in government to provide Opportunities to create PROFIT$ through all those Business Opportunities we hear here about funded through Virtual Investments with no Financial Gain, but including major, MAJOR Bankruptcies used to raise Campaign Funding through fraudulent "Startups" for an incumbent with neither fiscal nor practical experience outside of academia and a stint in Chicago where his team was formed from those that gave us that Nixon loss in 1960.


And, now they’re attacking our REP potential to assure their chosen escape by mocking that "Massachusttets honor system" and kiddy scam through unrealistic polling numbers and extremely distracting M$M news media hosting challenger debates directed to fraudulent questions and unspeakable intrusion into taxpayer homes.

Hope for a brokered convention for an unknown to dignify the issues of merit and direction to reduce our fraud in government understanding what our REPLican do eliminating DEMs "due dew".

Yes, this is my goal to get us back to balance and go forward with technology that will make life easier to be an AmerICAN, not a Foreign-American, but maybe some can become American/Foreigners after citizenship

I grew up in America, went through all levels of home-state education and traveled throughout the World assisting leaders and businesses in buildling profitable markets within our nation's co-defense and co-production policies as well as assisting allied foreign cabinet members (equivalent to our Aminstrative branch) in managing for profit instead of power for failure.  My most enduring  project has been the SofTool Computer series over the last 21 years in Moscow each October.

Just for your information, I produced, hosted and edited Pope Paul the VI's staging of  the Vatican's Fifth Church Music Congress in Chicago and Milwaukee in summer of 1966, recorded in 17 languages and distributed to all participating Archdiocese around the world.  This as Presbyterian and short term Chaplian assistant in the Amry Reserve before commissioned as a 2LT in special staff assignments including media coordination of Hurricane Camille plus more than 100s of video reports of military operations in the 50 states and more than 27 countries around the globe including The Queens Home Guard during the Falklands dispute. Some with NASA and The Bendix Corporation with lunar landings, Apollo 11-Skylab III and assisting Apollo 13 rentry. All concurrent for more than 36 years in multiple careers.

For more information go to

Note: I don't want your money. I want your VOTE I'll even let him "Keep the bus" if he keeps moving along.

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March 11, 2012

Super Tuesday comes and goes  without a winner and much ado about Phoney Economics

Early primary caucuses just waist time, money and energy on egos and of course draining candidates fund raising for their big dream every four years.  As a result, we don't get much value for our efforts or our energy other than M$M sells, sells, sells, misinformation at Super Bowl rates with speculation, missperceptions, wishful disposition, and plenty of video  reactions to innane comments and wierd statements from adrenal rush that present idiot vocabulary for sound bites to sell more news making intrepretations of once respected citizens.

It seems to be a test of craftsmenship to sink a ship of state for a thrill of involvement without risk to bring down leadership to media mentality from within small studios, virtual audiences, and self pontification for big bucks in front of a camera.

Instead of reporting news, as I was educated at The University of Wisconsin, todays broadcasters missed the lecture or internship to learn that media reporters are merely remote reporters of facts and witnesses of history as opposed to makers of news or accomplished professionals on everything except reporting as a on-site witness to someone elses events, success, or accomplishments. When "covering" news it is not to redirect attention from event, perceptions, or interpretation of motive without a lawyer, judge, jury or victim to highly misled seconds of fame.

With this brief introduction to what M$M really is, let's get to the heart of our political circus every two years. In one we choose, or do we, between heavy weights along with wannabies, and another cycle of wannabies and seated crooks using thie inside information for neighbors, friends, relatives, personal gain to build wealth taken from private sector entrepreneures and investors addicted to playing financial roulette through brokers, agents, and in some cases insiders through third parties for small but frequent fees, commissions, and unlimited contracts taking value from day-traders and nubies who learned thru M$M how to trade nothing for gain without actually paying the piper.

Recently, it was reported that's what being a member of Congress is all about. For that matter, through 3rd parties at the Whitehouse, State house, and just about anywhere an elected official can sell access to wealthy individuals seeking influence to obsorb the people's tax dollars without performance or payback.

Now, can a not so wealthy individual with scruples get elected?

Only if people want someone to  to lead our Republic to build profitable markets that circulate cash through our communities, where people can earn a living.  Some cities have resources for manufacturing, some for service industries, some for government projects (military industrial complex), and some for recreational repose.  Not all will work in every community. That's what makes us AmerICANS within our REPUBLican heritage. 

You might find someone before it's too late, but not until the black bus runs on solyndra solar,  Texas windmills, or the old fashion way from methane producing animals hauling our assets across the field, farms and highways.  There's already discussion about taxing farms for methane production per weight of producer.

As an aside, all that gas helps plants generate Oxygen for life, and much develops CO2 required for plants to hydrate our atmosphere to protect life from solar burn out through 4-million mph flare-strikes like this month.

As Shakespear wrote: "Read on MacDuff."  Jack Nicohlson and Arnie Palmer demostrated you can profit from not being  a duffer.  It takes concentration, planning, and talent. Not just being lucky, and not dependent upon others for your fame and fortune.

For whatever, I did it my way and enjoyed both the good times, bad times, and those when others took from me profits, but not the value.  Visit   

Yu vil enjoy! (my french and German heritege)


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February 20, 2012

Quit complaining about jobs going overseas

Seems much dismay maybe new money as opposed to old values. It’s non endemic; just lazy to thwart off day-trading anxiety with disappointment.

This loss of jobs due to regulated failure encouraged by this administration to block profits from private sector-work force by believing public sector contracted make work and extremly unthinkable “green” energy will replace good old fashioned hard work, new technology assisted, ingenuity, team work of small business contractors and free market consumer spending is bad; makes zero  “cents”!

Our failed Government has destroyed American Enterprize and violated our Republic as though it is a third- world Banana Republic under threat of take –over by “Aristocraps”.

We’re going backwards to when you could throw a dollar across the Potomac, but today it wouldn’t make it.  Just float away without even a value through virtual trading instead.

Two-hundred thirty-six (236) years ago we founded a nation offering indidivual freedoms through a Constitution created by “WeThePeople”.  For one-hundred seventy-six of those years we were strong, admired, and respected around the world for our focus, accomplishments, and resolve to help our allies around the world when asked.

Not so long ago, we had alliances through co-defense and co-production that assured peace throughout those emerging nations wanting to compete or paraticipate in developing new market economies that changed our world for almost 25 years until one extremely dumb decision was made by a small nation that harbored a threat to attack our homeland.

Current situation of uneducated leadership, cronyism government, and ignorance of our doctrine of 1776 has fiscally and physically destroyed our nation’s promise to protect and defend “WeThePeople” against enemy aggression and economic failure challenging our monetary system as a global standard around the world.

We should have learned from history after Soviet failure to contain Afghan terrorists along with miscalculation of Iraq and Iran’s oil markets throughout their alliances and ties with Cuban and Venezuelan markets, until after President Carter fained defeat in a recovery mission consummated on President Reagan’s Inaugural.

Fifty years ago, US Corporations built things, invented new technologies, advanced production processes, collaborated with competitors and partnered with others to build commercial free markets for “made in America” products.

Well, that’s the truth, but with many emerging third-world nations, their leaders never had critical education to lead while having access to vast amounts, in their minds, of revenue before and therfore had no experience in planning for future national needs or for building national pride the created consumer markets for their people where they could work and earn liveable wages with some spendable cash for “America’s toys, and gadgets, and cars, and unfortunately: weapons”.

Instead, they stole America’s money, assumed personal wealth, invaded smaller nations, abused those populations to reduce costs and then demanded participation as one the the United Nations. All subsidized by American Taxpayers.

Now, it appears OUR Nation has been relegated as subordinate to all those members as “God Father” to bail everyone out as though Americans are only to be used for security.  This makes our strength important, but it takes our wealth as focus for attacks as third party interference from DAVOS partners around the world want into our banking system and monetary reserves to boost their currency values to compete with US trade and production.

It seems almost as though our own government has no clue as to how to protect our society from failure. It is perceived around the world that America has seceded from the group of nations and is turning its cheek the other way toward earlier western markets at the International dateline Time (IDT) and away from our Greewich mean Time (GMT) eastern early markets.

It is important to note that US , Canadian, and South American markets trade late in the cycle, almost 7 hours, after major Euro markets; and 6 hours before Asian Markets open.  This advantage is and has been used to predicate puts, shorts, buys and sells to configure strategies to generate speculative prices for traders around the world during opening markets and closing markets for those “Day Traders” dealing with virtual capital instead of firm commitments to long term ROI.  

It would be nice to have elected a President with some knowledge of ethics instead of participating in money laundering of valued stocks before and after lobbying efforts to gerrymandering profolios; through insider information, our congressional regulators, for personal gain, put others at risk to losses and perhaps even the 1997-1998, 20 minute millionair mentality, of virtual companies formed for $500,000 raking in up to $20-25 million dollars in share value until the next morning at opening 1330 GMT when markets reflected the sells of these virtual momentary buys.

These trends manifested throughout the later 90s and dwindled some during the opening of the 21st Century.  However, after 9-11, markets were unstable and vulnerable  to day-trading buys in the am with sells before closing.  With 29-day resolve of transactions, there was virtually no real money exchange of values except for those insiders sucking up gains in favor of bailouts and regulatory adjustments to markets affecting growth of salvageable manufacturers of high price vehicles or startups like phony Solyndra that couldn’t perform in it’s highly touted “greenie” technology at multiples of cost against highly efficient, fossil fuel energy and natural gas, projecting 600 years of inexpensive accessible resources.

Yes, an informed leader would've been nice to have on-board as captain of this Ship of State , or at least one who could assess competitive information developed through completed staff anaylsis with options, discussions and forecasts instead of a teleprompter scripts of wishful thinking, obscurities, and boasts of unsuccessful events affecting 99% of “WeThePeople”

At least that’s the way I remember our last 20 years of fiscal, physical, and mental psyche of Our Nation with all its fears, irrational decisions and failure to defend our Constitution and secure our Freedoms.

Page 2.

Oh!  It appears our M$M misled us through their scare tactics on many of these over-rated medical, security, communication, food chain, and transportation intrigues driven by profits to insiders through 3rd party interlopers seeking percentages of non-funded, but costly deficit expenditures defrauding our private sector tax payers of Trillions of dollars allocated to public sector pet projects created to deny independence of “Our Private sector who create and produce profits”  for this Republic of “WeThePeople”.

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February 7, 2012

We the people can prevail through course correction to flat tax

 There are some really simple corrections in thinking, compliance and strategies that can get our “Ship of State”away from M$M and DEMogoguery dry dock. It would ‘ve been beneficial to elect a President who could question rather than listen to deflated ideas repeated by other’s rejected ideas.

Ivy League had some wisdom in a period of time when there was apparently no challenge to reinstituted European suedo-socialism / fascism fanning the flames of independence and away from “We The People”. 

There have been times when our Republic has benefitted from mid-western and western leadership with Republ iCAN philosophies and direction to economic solvency responsive to International development rather than destruction of ideologies foreign to  North East demogogs who rely upon threats, restrictions, and transfer of wealth to those who proclaim understanding more about nothing than substance through performance.

For instance; there are few issues that need to be addressed to restore our future strength lost to recent failures for a Republic, but not neccessarily for a return to that mentality prior to our great Revolutionary call to take up arms over taxes and controls practiced by those settling 13 original colonies.

Yes, there were communes as every new settled community goes through until freedom evolves from individuality and concerns over limited common good.

Note: there will always be that lust to be part of what others achieve. Not so much a human flaw as it is desire to be strong individuals with responsibility and opportunity to join in creating personal wealth, family, and that niche to be successful at a personal level as opposed to trying to match corruption levels.

Important to realize that a flat tax already exists through that simple tax code of 1,700+ pages.  Reason for that many pages and economic discoveries is to enhance that “New England” understanding of Percentionals need to be employed by the many as opposed to those intelligent enough to count income dollars against costs to create profits through ingenuity to create jobs within and outside established markets.

Sounds simple, but read that book and it is not; but, in that book if followed to each letter and period, the average tax collected at the top is 6.6% of adjusted income when all those subsidies, breaks, bribes, fees and adjustments to International exchanges and liabillities to 3rd parties are met. On the other end, those under or near poverty up through the middle class of yesterday paid an average of 6.58% of adjusted income which in total dollars was much less than that 1% of high rollers 79% contributions of funds unnessary to meet present requirements of government budgeted spending.

Granted Buffet says his secretary pays more in taxes which was a mis-statement because her tax rate was at some number like 30% and his was like 14% plus many other layers of International investments, pre-taxed funds and fees. His connection to squander his credibility had other motives in investments created much more hidden wealth than he likely wanted to expose to tax payers. Plus original sales or marketing taxes on profits plus percentional fees to research every loop hole and minuscule penny added to local, national, and International trade of property for value.

Common sense without percentional proves that Billions of dollars taxed at 6.6% will generate much more revenue than $100,000 taxed at even double that 6.6% which is probably much higher than actual collections through IRS code.

In perfect accounting practices income minus costs, exemptions, and family member deductions, varies little from that uncovered average tax of high rollers. Using this guideline, we can eliminate 1,650 pages of small print and save paper even if we print in a retired  font of 14 points with understandable instructions without Percentional interference.

There are other layers of tax known as fees for use of public parks, highways, percentages of sin taxes that include gasoline at the pump, and many questionable insurance costs of retail products and the list goes on from Federal to State, to County, real estate, and on and on and on. . .

None of those fees/taxes/sins even consider a percentage of income to cost of living for families for one reason: Those writing tax law are lobbyist supported and are in that top level where cost of living is a minor factor to their survival. They are immune to flexible tax rates and fixed fees that suck up available cash flow for average families now displaced thru disrespect of American workers in America’s sovereign state communities.

This goes against any audit of personal income and costs to capture enough savings for future planning of family, eduation, small business development and even life insurance, homeowner insurance, burial insurance and legacy distribution to surviving family members; let alone a personal attorney to manage an estate as administrator/executor expecially if bread-earners create profits in family businesses let alone incorporate in one of 4-6 tax shelter catagories as allowed by law.

Consider a bottom line to reduce unfair duplicity in tax code requirements; i.e.: 1) Why do we tax second job pay if its needed to run a family household? (generally, less than the taxes recovered by government), 2) Why do we tax vacation pay? (it is really valuable to have workers take vacations and personal time, ask any Union organizer/demential), 3) Why do we tax overtime pay? (it is necessary for employers to profit through workers willing to work more to meet production with smaller workforces because of high regulated cost for compliance to pay lobbyists, inspectors, auditors, and anyone who claims he’s from the government and is here to help-YELP!)

Importantly, let’s consider adding on that list minimum wage taxes!  For explanation, it is a start-up wage to enter our economy as high school sophmores, juniors, seniors, or recent immigrants (illegal or legal) that provide services to small local businesses or to our States agricultural, computer technology and other initial jobs in startups or non-essential tasks until they gain exerience within an American work environment to become future full-time productive citizen employees. 

This is how we should introduce our junior work force into the real world of employment: not by some nationally mandated amount that exceeds average startup pay in rural and agricultural businesses trying to compete with imported goods and food stuff as well as in small business in an inner city with extremely high costs of living, transporation and ultilties, but have need for less educated or less technical experience.

Obviously, the goal is to address employment needs for profit potential, skills required, cost of living, and rapid advancement to an above poverty level as revenues increase.  In fact, it would encourage production in accordance the three tax exemptions above.  This motivation would more than encourage teaching life skills instead of foibles of society with class warfare over success factors that may not relate to personal success or family cohesion depending upon ethnic, immigration, and origin of nationality. For what it matters, why do states want to collect from preschoolers and elementary school kids taxes on selling cool-aid and lemonade to neighbors, bike riders, construction crews or pedestrians passing through their market incentive world? Is it to prove how insane local government leaders can fight for that beach ball without success?   

Within our Republic, we have 50 soverign states and 6 territories that by definition are self sustaining, or are they?  Perhaps they need to be!

Why because each has its own set of  limitations by landscape, population and natural resources or not.  Each can develop its economy through its population base in its unique markets for production, development, business ventures, and recreational or as International tourist destinations; plus environments for manufacturing to free markets, co-production, research or extraction of commodities, and each, importantly – can compete.

There is no need for a federal government takeover of individual state mangement, control or recovery of unplanned events.  Each state desires a balanced budget as long as the Federal Government pays most infrastructure failures, lobby corruption, Union corruption, and contingency costs; missing would be those ear marks each congressperson requests for votes from state imperialists, and each Senator’s influence in tapping into private sector profits through family-tied relative intervention, siphoning operating capital from entrepreneurs through State Attorneys under Attorney  Generals and County Executives with implied ownership in “relative” businesses within a district or residential,  community requiring service industry support.

How can these financial gurus believe they’re entitled to everyones savings through fees that are really taxes by private or government controlled banks where they take an amount of available cash when parked  there, and then can be retrieved at higher percentages when using those savings through a ….card or loan from your balance.

After WW II, banks were revered as safe havens, now BoA has proven more fraudulently, as Capital One and PNC set relatively new marketing strategies formed in the 1960s and 70s.

Our major banks wrote the books for failure, and it is time to recast as smaller less powerful entities with restricted capital gains from private deposits or personal and property loans within value of real dollars with nearly 90 cents worth making it competitve to be millionaire that can buy a million dollar residence for a million dollars instead of a half billion dollar$.

Has either party’s candidates mentioned anything about your job security, your bank deposit security, your access to medical treatment, your family’s future, your percentage of nonessential income for emergencies, education, repairs, insurances, estate planning, or your vote’s security?  

Look Bubba put a contract out during his tenure in 1999 to create, for his wife’s possible election in 2004, an electronic voting system through 10 foreign software contractors and a very prominent ATM / slot machine manufacture.

They were proud to be a part of this new technology under Diebold’s label.

That was until they learned the software being developed was through multiple contractors with no connection through an awarded sub contract.  I was very concerned and alerted the owners and investors in Diebold.  They had the contract and several years of development before they learned these machines would not be required to produce a paper trail of votes, nor would recover any backup or trace of voter actions, nor would allow several actions used in referendums needing approval by citizen votes. Dieboldt removed its name from the product because programmers were not identified as independent from Dieboldt which would redirect liability for the scam to Dieboldt's international  reputation to be assumed as perpetrator. Not so Bubba!

In simple descriptions of what these machines were capable of; are: they were slot machines. They essential could be pre-programmed to give a “house”  in-take percentage, a “player”pay-out, and a “government” tax.  SO, it is simple to see the theory as it was described before a senate hearing: these machines could process and total; 1) Democratic vote percentages, 2) Republican vote percentages, and 3)registered Independent vote percentages without matching qualifications of voters in primaries with either party’s registration, and could not verify whether the voter was registered or of the party ticket they voted.

in 2006 primaries in Maryland, 88% of Republicans were told they had already voted or as some guys were told they were registered as female Democrats.

That’s why in 2004, “W”was elected by Electoral College votes from paper ballots in Ohio; preventing the Illinois way [essentially substitute ballot boxes already counted and prepackaged for transport to electoral College designees per State Secretaries of state or the mafia].

Florida in 2000 had challenges over hand written ballots as well as computerized ballots where individual voters punched holes in cards that some guy behind the Tallahassee Courthouse was still producing “Chads” for Gore in front of Reuters remote reporting cameras as late as January 2001. 

It was aired on television in Brisbane on Jan 12, 2001 as Australians questioned me on what the H—L is going on?  I explained and asked them how their percentional process works.  It took them 3-days to finally explain in understandable English using their language quirks to explain a most complicated form of voting.

Ready for this: each voter gets a ballot of up to 17 candidates for each office. You must vote for each with a number representing your priority order of favorability. The winner is the candidate that gets the most “priority”of the 3 million voters. OR, you can designate your preference for one candidate for each office giving him/her designated rights to set percentages for their competitors.

Highest percentage of votes counted takes all.

Our complicated process leaves much to be desired except for the fact that we have a safety net through our designated Electorial College that has worked for more than 224 years. This year they will probably have an easy job- oh sure! There will be so much fraud at State election commissions than ever before. Why?

B-H-O, apathy, empty suits and an impossible task to dip fingers in purple ink. But more dollars will be spent with M$M to wrangle analysis and excuses, as well as supposition with PAC twits followed by ceremony ending ultimate failure in executing The Constitution created by “We The People”.

Perhaps, each identified voter should dip their middle finger  into their party's colored ink; Blue for REP; Red for DEM, and Green for “everybody else” but with same ballot as generally presented.  All ballots to be secured and delivered to a reputable independent accounting firm from a US Allied nation within five hours of polls closing and final count announced after polling in Hawaii, Guam and Alaska are tabulated. These ballots would only contain Preference of voter for President and Vice President ‘cause state corruption would not be a factor as determined by those designated Electoral Collegues in every Soverign State within these United States of America.

That way it will less embarrasing for those anticipating favorable votes through the State systems like Kerry did, and Nixon lost.

You know this might upset too many people because of its ease of process and its reliability through non-partisan due process measures. Or we can just send the results to the Supreme Court  for an opinion and review of any tampering or miscounts offered through broken packages, aged ballot boxes, delayed deliveries, and time of count vs time of receipt if longer than five hours for delivery to our designated ally.

Or the whole election could be done on-line at voting centers and at home using bank type security and a very strong confirmation process for one-time transaction against validated indiviual SSA ID or voter registration ID number and a one-time-use password.  Would take less than 3 months to activate that for a one day cross-country election cycle eliminating all interference and lobbying at polling places.

No it won’t be by phone or I-pad, just a secure internet connection open for 4 hours before each state electoral College meets to evaluate the local computer reports or consensus of viability to accept the final vote count to be released after all polls are closed and media speculation is challenged. Expected results would be no earlier than -10 Hours GMT or two hours after Hawaii polls close at 8pm IDT.

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February 4, 2012

Planning is more than preparing a speech – 20 yrs planning not 20 minute bumps

Quick notes and college term papers from Wikipedia were not built upon first hand knowledge or even concentrated experience through producing sideline stock market results 3-4 times per day.  Real economic survival is adjustments to meet demands, not regulations to force foreclosure or change rules for insiders to gain wealth buying non-workable operations or stocks that are inflated for that 20 sec bump used by so many IPOs for the moment.

During my assignments for an investment group from downunder, I was able to infiltrate a team of scam artists that had an invention on paper.  Their goal was to raise a half million dollars from American investors along with some from Canada , Britain , Australia , and New Zealand .

It was Aussies who called me to investigate the American operations of which were store fronts and fraudulently approaching courts through-out the DC region for contracts without a working model for a deposition recorder.  They found a family in London who was willing to invest  $50,000 a month to develop the company. 

Once a month, one of the con-men would go to London to collect and then report progress to the family's financial manager in Sydney .

I was begged to come down to Brisbane to put the marketing and financial proposals together and oversee the software development. I met most of the investors, at first by phone to alert me of the scam, of which I had already witnessed several meetings with potential buyers and how the scam developed through delay after delay.

Several judges really wanted the product.  A clerk of court in Maryland who I assisted in marketing his election campaign asked me about certain costs and prototypes, but I fained deep knowledge until after 2 weeks in Brisbane and 3 weeks back in Perth to oversee software development. 

It wasn’t going well.  The two canadian programers differed on approach.  They worked separately, and I found resolve coming from the techie assigned development of an operating system and a little bit of larceny from the security techi.

After my tenure back in Perth , I returned to Brisbane to meet with its board and demonstrate the product development under my tutilege and scrutiny.  It worked!

The President of the company was so excited that for the first time in his multiple companies that Aussie investors backed, he finally had a product . He even asked me to set up an American bank account to keep the funds away from the investors. To which I cringed and said it wouldn’t look good for his IPO, that I knew would never be funded.

The perth investors were astonished. The board was stunned. They wanted me to introduce the product in Chicago at the Bar Association's Techincal Exihibition in 2001 – which had great appeal, but the President forgot to bring the sample CDs for handouts.  Also, it gave me an honorable out to get away from that and re-acquaint with the funding scam from in the UK . 

The President returned as well after being delayed at the border near Niagra Falls, New york, and the two con-teams merged and ultimately tore each other apart financially.  I survived with great loss of revenue due me. The investors were unable to recover without advancing more funds for that 20 minute bump everyone after 1998 anticipated through relaxed SEC oversight.

I disclose that experience, because several US investors were in touch with me through the Perth group along with those in Canada and the UK .  This was on the forefront of a multiple of virtual investments scam set up on WallStreet leading into restructuring  of stock market and financial regulatory abuse surfacing in the fall of 2006 and exacerbated by 2008 to, hopefully, no more after Nov 6 this year.

There is resolve and much is in controlling the congressional graft, greed, fraud and insider trading encouraged by its leadership from CA, NM, UT, MA, IL, and DC. There are some states that are repenting , restructuring, and recapitalizing through pro-growth while improving cash flow, lower taxes via budget restraints. and experiments with private sector development.

Bottom line is: profits created from consumer spending and private sector manufacturing to global markets with reciprocal tax waivers throughout our sphere of competitiveness will reach our goals in much less time than that of sentencing congressional members to 12-20 years in less stressing situations and limited access.

Point here demonstrates the amount of planning and research necessary to accomplish long term goals instead of instant messaging of poor ideas through inane speeches with no resolve or direction outlining actions; no anticipated expectations; no estimated cost/resources to accomplish projected goals with finite deadlines or benchmarks.  

There is a video tape reminescent of corporate planning and military acquisition after Vietnam projecting 20 year life cycles of materiel needed to stregthen our focre structure.  I models after the period between the World Wars and during our pecetime era of teh 50s.  Corporations would set aside about 10 percent of their production for manufacturing new weapon systems and delivery capability to maintain the battlefield as well as their domestic profits.  

Most well-known CEOs of that period were familiar with long term planning and assuring their assets and costs were contained during peactime without destroying their "corporate towns" and their ability to continue manufacturing jobs in those communities. These were the Baby Boomers assuring their neighbors had jobs and commuities were solvent.

Investments were kept close to home and profits grew industires through competition and advanced technology that got us to the moon where Neil Armstrong planted a flag never to be duplicated, yet!

So, how did we get to the 1998 fraud on the corporations? Through regulations and insider trading.  Well, we had a President, Bubba, who changed Wall Street and corrupted congress in ways they never understood the damage they perpetuated through "cronyism".  Not only that, by 1999, Wall Street insiders along with SEC learned they could close a blind eye and concetrate on their own wealth building before corporations would realize their wealth was being diminished through 20 minute bumps on the markets for IPOs that didn't exist, so the trend to spent $500,000 for an IPO listing on one or both two US exchanges as well as infiltrating those niave' markets around the globe by 20 minute millionaires.  

That was when I entered the fray because of a small group of investors questioning "What the hell is going on in the American stock markets?" 

We still need to reflect on planning to assure sucess, but maybe for more then 20 minutes.  In the 80s , DoD through DSCLOG (Deputy Secretary of Staff for Logisitcs) and AMC (Army Materiel Command) began to look at ways to shorten weapon system development life cycles down to 6-10 years using vastly improved manufacturing and more accurate ascquisition procedures eliminated those $750 hammers and many other extraneous costs that resulted from extremely coherent vulnerability tests proving security technology before full scale production.  

It worked and only congress withheld funding of personnel security items for our troops in Iraq even though our troops knew how to shield their "assets" but at risk of military discpline being imposed for using salvaged materiel to reinforce their body and vehical armor - thanks Pelosi.  Did your husband get his lobby bonuses for that, too? Harry got his.

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February 1, 2012

Voters seem to have a preference and nobody fits media description?

M$M is having a love affair with the DEMs, but they’re not sure if that direction will create percentional control or diminish interest of their socialized obsession with progressive Europe’s failure.

They almost caved in when Belgium was found through global survey’s to be the happiest nation with its free this and free that all paid for by the wage earners.

Now, leadership questions that focus on a "free lunch" that includes healthcare lines and appointment delays until they can determine if a receipient will live until an opening in the operating room exists or a donor has been identified.

However, there is a Republican amongst us that believes in constitutional realism.

We’ve been inundated with DEM Liberalism with its socialistic communism, Siberian vacations if not patient enough or strong enough to work. In fact , DC’s liberal media will fire their on-air readers if they even mention Republic values. Nazism taught us another form of government approaching Italy’s Fascism that had no tolerance and obviously no future.

By the way, it has been determined by Russian leaders that form of government is no longer acceptable based upon the dismantling of the Soviet Union [you can read about the revelation in the article below].

What our M$M liberals want you to think about REPs conservatism is that it requires truth and belief about that right to life, right to work, right to privacy, and right to fail or to succeed based upon your actions, knowledge and entrepreuership to create wealth through ideas, hard work or even excellent writing skills; and now in society how to network through technology or develop tools that take the boredom out of inventing and economic development.

M$M fully believes they should provide that guidance through distortions, insinuations, fabrications, and quick blogs with few words to direct thoughts through catch phrases – misinformation – gloating over less fortunates and suggestions for everyone to pander for profits through of course M$M greed and impersonal attacks on those less fortunate while pandering those who did it without their help.

Recently, several highlighted well knowns took part in the OWS initial camp-outs.

Through Indian Guides where first graders formed a Indian tribe within the YMCA program promoting survival and camping and working together as a team, my son and our neighbors camped out several weekends during that summer.

Getting back to the point, these high rollers made some statements and quietly recanted much to M$M reporters anguish trying to dethrone leaders who misappropriated their anxiety towards producers (profits from corporation leadership with investors) who independantly created and maintained free markets for "Made In America" that now days, refers to foreign companies manufacturing high cost / disposable products in more than 10 states with right to work laws.

During the late ‘70s through the ‘80s many of our alliances began to learn how democracy works with free markets. We need to redirect our focus to rebuilding our Republic of the people and not those oligarches.

There are some states, basically those captured in early 1940 films around the days of prohibition and early harassment of small business owners with threats of strikes, broken windows, windshields and roping mistresses to railroad tracks, are still living in that past. You know them for their governors, Senators and Congressmembers who leave office for a minimum security terms out of office.

Then came the carpet baggers…

Well, there were attempts to legalize things through Congress with regulations following exploratory actions creating insurance by paying 10% of weekly profits to a neighborhood watchdog to prevent broken windows.

Mexican kids in Reynosa, Mexico, across the border from McCallum, Texas, where it is cheaper to pay the youth $5 rather than the parking meter cause they will make sure your meter is paid 25¢ plus your hub caps will still be on your rental car when you return from the Mexican markets. They learn quickly from our Hollywood movies and we keep teaching them through animations that life has no real value except to that person……

Now, how does that stuff become regulations? Guess there are many hands out for hard working dollars from hired hands that can pass bucks under the table or in bag lunches behind the U.S. Capital near dumpsters filled with sensitive, un shreded documents. I can tell you about that or you can read the case against former Marylander Spiro Agnew who was caught picking up one of those bag lunches as Vice President.

The art of bag lunches has changed, but the "fowl" play still runs amuck and is dangerously losing its revenues due to the 75% of congress members taking way too much of lobbyist stake in favorable restrictions imposed though regulations.

They even have stock brokers passing along inside trades which is why a $170,000-$190,000 position is really a good position to become a milionaire through a regulation that disllows corporate owners and investors trading to gain returns from their profits, but allows regulators – law makers a free ride.

By the way, learning that in my first campaign for U.S. Senator for Maryland made it more important for me to explore many other perqs and perps to learn that it actually resulted in relative middle class people becoming part of the 1% over $250,000,000 elite or wealthy or whatever.

Really dispelled my belief of "The Honorable" title for public servants.

My idea was to get elected, right some wrongs and take the retirement after repeating after me; "I do", on December 3, 1990. Well, that didn’t happen because… …you can read that below.

Point of all this disclosure is to make you aware that focus on constitutional ideals and free market economies, plus independence to earn your way, or create that path with wealth through hard work (physical or mental) is your right.

Structuring an enviroment to do that is government through provisions to secure our safety and insure that when there is actual injury to someone’s person or property takes place is there a crime. William Penn, 1775

We no longer need to be divided by "non"-American loyalties. Our culture was founded on great principles. Our Constitution was drafted by Americans for Americans who welcome those who wish to contribute to this great experiment as loyal citizens of this home-grown democracy.

"The power under the Constitution will always be in the people. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can, and undoubtedly will, be recalled." (The writings of George Washington, by John C. Fitzpatrick, GPO, 1931-44. Vol. 29:311. Painting by Robert Scholler)

"Towards the preservation of your is requisite...that you resist with care the spirit of innovation upon its principles, however, specious the pretexts. One method of assault maybe to effect, in the forms of the Constitution, alterations which will impair the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown." (ibid., 35:225. National Center for Constitutional Studies)

It is time to execute that power by recalling our 535 servants in Congress for not fulfilling their current responsibilities and neglecting their duties to strengthen "these great pillars of human happiness". (GW 1797)


It is time to reflect on our heritage, not that of 190 nations, and lead our nation towards that goal of all those immigrants who came here to be Americans from foreign nations. We have "let our guard down".

In 1979, I gave an inspiring speech to the Officer Corps of the Michigan Army National Guard introducing our recruiting message develop by my team from a Baltimore Ad Agency where we introduced target market appeal through these four words; "Get Your Guard Up". Double meaning, Yes; 1) increase your recruiting efforts to reach full strength; 2) Be aware of your personal goals, well being and everyone around you so as not to become a whinner, but rather a surving winner.

I also had the help of a very effective musical theme – "Be All That You Can Be" that you can view in an inspirational slide presentation at the end of the piece below.

All this discussion is to demonstrate that it is time to get rid of the leaches and to focus ridding our society of pond scum; but not on authors or Percentionals but real problem solvers with experience and a love for this nation and its diverse citizenry, all with a "common interest to be Americans", or else they wouldn’t be here. There’s a few and our transparent security creates little challenge for those who would like to do 9-11 again. After all, they practiced three times and learned from our published M$M how to do it.

Just a side note; On January 14, 2001, I flew to Perth, Australia with a 10 hour stop in Singapore. I was allowed to visit the city with a tour guide. It was beautiful and tiring. However, I learned several months after 9-11 that not too far away in Kaula Lumpur on 01-14-01 the planners had met on their implementation scheme for September. It was a scary moment of realization that I hope we can avoid through greater due diligence within our supposed connected "Homeland" agencies.

Vote the right guy to lead this nation to protect our assets and develop a "Free Market Economy" that generates profits to balance our personal budget(s) without taxes to pay for all those campaign contributors adding worthless cost reducing our competitve edge in global "Free Markets" with benefits of co-defense and co-production alliances thwarting rouge nation aggressors.


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January 25, 2012

Holier  than thou M$M obsessed with Candidates private issues

Each debate should probably start out with that 6 year old’s first grade question about “show me yours and I’ll show you mine

I know, it’s crude, but, really none of anyone’s business in a national debate especially when ABC News touts itself as being friendly, teasing, and less than credible in its questions affecting election decisions coming up soon in a State you live in or a territory with certain voting rights for President and Vice President.

 We can thank our Continental Congress for that 1776 forethought regarding who controls our government?


How can M$M like ABC, CBS, and NBC claim news worthiness and deride other peers like FOX and all those talking heads with opinions about everything except truth in reporting with dignity.

I remember Bill Plante’s unique idea to broadcast atop WISN-TV’s studio outside in a snow storm when a gust blew the weather map, his notes, and several other temporary cheat sheets while holding an umbrella that left in hurray. Note: I love this story ‘cause I was there that day and it was just one of those well-planned “Weather in the Weather” failures we all wish others would forget. 

Ok, while at WUWM-fm, my co-host on "Stop Looking and Listen" and first wife decided we should report the fireworks along Lake Michigan’s shore – There were only 4 colors of christhansimums you can describe before the rocket just boom and glare.  We also hosted the UWM Home Coming parade down Wisconsin ave in 1965.

There is absolutely no self-control to avoid creating dangerous situations with anchorman/anchorwoman mentality wanting threatening situations like those filmed in Hollywood under controlled surpervision: especially earth quakes, floods, and snow storms. 

Dan Rather was no hero in news. He was basically a fraud in search of a home. His mad hatter plan to replace Walter Cronkite was so blatant, it was worse than that underage stock market guru in his crib being deprived of his laptop and I-phone.  I believe Rather’s back up writers wrote several debatable, phony pieces to sink him while Anchors heralded him as a professional.  

Peter Jennings was professional, but he gave into M$M owners directions before retiring. Unfortunately, he never really had time to enjoy his freedom from Canada and edting of his performances and scripts.

When George Stephanopoulas first became a broadcaster after his Clinton stint, I sent some stage directions, like “look down, be silent when honoring fallen troops”, and structuring his questions to draw out wanted responses when asking dumb questions of politicos who can only reiterate unvetted staff ideas followed by his I know more about your positions than you do attitude.  He learned quick.  I’m sure his behind the scenes team took credit for offering that professional advise. I have helped others, too. Now, he cannot separate himself from falling into that political self-gratification. Get over it George, you’re better than that.

Even their viewers are tunning away from “professional” news reports because of lack of integrity and speculation of, or suggestions for, resolve from others who are also unaware of the six tenents of news: once again: What, When, Where, Who, Why, and How?

Now, they’re running network ads trying to tell us they’re more influential than social media.  Why would any professional try resolve an issue by creating awareness of their insecurity for advertsing dollars after the FCC took away free access for their audience and creating dependancy to a $79 -$150 per month billed delivery system?  Shouldn’t media advertising pay to enter our Castles like Disneyworld does?

The answer to the first question is: as well written, “We The People”. Second question is evidently not discussed in Colleges and University when considering the mryid of stories about phony media advertised Diploma mills, along with grade averages of “A” at the prestige University’s relative associations to recent and current graduates who never attended a lecture with honors; or those public schools where students are herded in, locked in, and fed junk food while guns, drugs, and bullying thwart educated mentoring, physical development, brain drain over social media, and behavior never even thought about – strike that- there were laws up until and maybe still on the books regarding sodomy, under age sex, unwed mothers, and all sorts of behavior that was not consider up to family and neighborhood standards. 

Some were implied from historically acceptable behavior in European ancestry that slowly included many other imigrant patterns.  Most of this happened after the two World Wars as American soldiers, young Americans, meet interesting and challenging relationships across both oceans and crossing down under or is it really up top equator? Note: a rubber ball with continents inblazzond when in a pail of water –Australia surfaces on top. Go Figur!

Just imagine how we will react to Interstellar vistors – Hollwood has given us many opportunities to reflect upon how.  Seems we will follow our unnatural extincts to panic as we have after the relatively safe 80s and 90s. Or, it is that we have accepted General/President Eisnhower’s assessment about false reliance upon the “Military Industrial Complex” to create capital.

What is irritating about our current situation is that those in power have niether experience in truth, honesty nor allegiance to The United States of America and” Limiting the federal government: An expressed desire to prevent abuse of federal powers.

I will neither advise nor consent to give voters direction in their votes other than to vote your conscience and for someone you will trust with your bank account numbers, checkbook, or computer passwords and access to your “Will and Testimony’’.

Thus, my advise to you is the same I have given many young women and boys asking this young, old dude advice about how to relate to their boy/girl friends. I tell them to be truthful, first to self, and realize their future depends upon how others percieve them as friend, partner, consort, or worth to their business and to your family keeping in mind that day will come when you choose or are retired to fullfil your personal goal before that freedom to be independent is taken away by health care.

With that said, if you want to learn more about How in determining what resolve is worth, please visit: Gene Zarwell virtually to learn several steps you can take to make sure your next President will understand the job and you will too. Note: Personally, I would like to resolve our government in step with our Constitution, but I will not jepardize my finances or time trying to sell you through biased media and M$M debates to be castigated like so many who have walked into a myrid of stupid questions, analogies of inane regulations generating wealth for a few, and clever schemes as North Eastern egg-heads control your life or mine either.

For the record and you can read it; documented and confirmed through many comments by associates, superior officers, and officers of several corporations and global projects from Europe, Oceania, Asia , Eastern Europe and Middle East. I think there is one from close to the moon, too. Apollo 13.

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January 12, 2012

Government  appreciation for private sector development is questionable.

As the mortgage industry failed due to President Clinton’s White Water model of mortgage transactions, many states addressed the issue through either agency conducted tests to award licenses to mortgage brokers who wrote essentially take-out orders for securing financial support through qualified lenders.

And they charged more than $1,000 per student to take that course.

I contacted many states after talking with Maryland’s DLLR regulator about providing an on-line course to educate licensed mortgage broker loan officers.  It was hoped they could fund development. No, was their answer.  They wouldn’t provide development capital, but would let us offer our program.  After several years they decided to steal our program through a National effort with the Real estate regulators that certified bank lenders because there were independent brokers with 10s of loan officers who could be required to pay up $1,200 for an online course generating revenue from certifications because our program prevented many failed audits.

They were trying to build a penalty program through inspections to regulate how loan officers filed their paperwork. This was a result of few audits because they were short on funding teams to review files. By eliminating faults, why not certify through licensing? More money there than in a few misfiled documents.

Let me describe this regualtory function: They would target a mortgage broker firm to make sure all the paperwork was filled out in accordance with lending law. 

Keep in mind that lenders are the ones who have the fiduciary responsibility to assure buyers qualified for mortgages.  Mortgage brokers wrote the applcations according to government’s simple three-page Form 1003 and collected proof of identity, property location, ability to pay, tax returns confirming job or cash flow to prove ability to pay, and to check credit ratings for confirmation of good standing.

That’s it. No cash is collected, no contract is written, and all the paperwork is submitted to a lender who would access the funds and distribute them to the seller and real estate agent through a title agency.

Kind of like a McDonalds counter clerk taking an order and then delivering it through a drive through window.

Now, the course my little company “Profession Recertification Marketing inc” (ePrmi) developed was to make loan officers aware of regulations that referenced loan officer fiduciary guidelines and regulations for complying with individual state laws of which were simple to complex and overzealous in their requirements for that “counter clerk”.

At any rate with my programmers, technical Internet development team of three,  one member for educational content, one for programming language, one for delivery of secured information; and additional staff of: two for sales, one for marketing in the 50 states, and one to contact regulators to seek specific focus or anomallies within their state programs.

Basically, each state course had a Federal section covering: a) Equal Credit Opportunity, b) RESPA, c) Truth in Lending, d) Federal Equal Credit Opportunity and; a state section e) State law with updates,and f) two options; 1) ethics, and 2) requirements of the Residential Loan Application – form 1003.

Depending upon state requirements compared with in-classroom hours; our Interactive program could compress that time to gain more intuitive insight into our student comprehension of required laws, procedures and behavioral guidelines required to become licensed mortgage loan writers. 

State programs varied in time and costs. Some states wanted 14 hour courses which when presented on the Internet could be accomplished quicker due to heavy concentration of progressive accomplishment. If you answered the multiple choice questions correctly you would progress. This is much easier when you need not protend to be unaware of the rules.  Also, you could do the moduals one at a time allowing to write business in between without loss of production, plus after you answer the last question correctly as you must to progress throughout, you would receive your certificate for filing with the mother state.

It was very well received by many states having hourly requirements of education from 4 hrs, 10 hrs, 14 hrs, up to 20 hours. Some states rejected the idea because they wanted face time with their licensees to keep their bloated staffs employed or contracted relatives in business. When our program got popular, state manpower needed additional manpower to process extremely high volumes of loan officer applications.

Our costs were in the three years of development and annual upgrades.

Benefit for us was Interstate Commerce laws where no physical facility or presence in any state requires no sales-tax. It was on-line and every state regulator who used our program was thrilled with the lack of manpower needed to administer a classroom experience, grade student tests including assessing the few narrative answers to insure comprehension, and if not meeting a minimum grade would automatically recycle students before accepting their results.

The certificates were credible evidence and professionally designed to offer curriculum, hours per instruction, dates and level of course work.  In some states, refresher courses could be a choice of one of several moduals to include any updates that were introduced through their legislatures in, most recent session.

Now, here is how the government regulators handled these courses.

In Maryland it was greatly appreciated, but their regulators thought our courses were too difficult,  our students, however, found it easy and less time consumming.

In Florida, they welcomed it because of the huge numbers of loan officers at independent brokerages stretched over 450 miles.

In the Carolinas, they liked the courses, but wanted to control the classrooms through 3rd party facilitators (yah)

In Texas, their insitu instructor said he could break our security after six attempts over three weeks of one short modual giving me an excuse that our program was not secure. For him not being able to finish the 14 hours to receive a certificate didn’t impress me. Not one student ever broke our code nor did he. He stole the format and then became unemployed.

Point is: That’s how regulators eat up company profits at every level of business.
Yes, I believe in training, retraining and certification, but it has to improve capability of a company, at all levels, to increase and insure profits with or without government interference within its operations.

Working with this program I realized that government minds work differently than producers.

As an example, during Apollo, our efforts at Bendix developed fantastic performance to keep everything on schedule with minimal delays. Our contracts were management and operations at Canaveral, Houston and Greenbelt plus all global tracking sites. I know from hands-on-experience flying the Super Connie to many , foremost launch safety in Bermuda.

We also developed the Lunar Rover, and trained astronauts at the cape in landing and take-off procedures in a simulator that was so real you got seasick stepping onto our egress platfrom.  Our technicians provided backup support to control systems – saved their _____ during re-entry of 13. They were the earth-bound problem solvers where fixes were identified and resolve developed then sent up to the astronauts for implementation.

Many of our military weaponry was designed through Bendix and consortiums with other Defense contractors – Martin Marrietta, Boeing, Chrysler, Cessna, ARINC,General Dynamics, McDonald Douglas, and hundreds more.

When supporting General Thompson’s efforts at the US Army Materiel Command, we produced motivational materials for the European Commands, Asian, South African, Atlantic, Pacific, and Central Command that has been in control of our Middle East operations along the Mediterrean and Straits of Hormuz.

Biggest advantage is that US Corporations can perform exceptionally well when unfettered by excessive regulations. Where it got out of hand was when Congressional handouts through lobbyists like reformed Jack Abramhoff were energized by greedy congressionals wanting illegal handouts and costly add-ons to projects through 3rd party interference in open deference to insider trading.

Which brings full circle to why we should restrict government hiring to mean average incomes with no previleges to or from lobbyist influence other than contracted at lowest bidder government contract rate offering 7-10 percent profit.

By the way, all these job descriptions made profits even after we learned to buy some tools and commercially available technologies off the shelf at Radio Shack and other early retail stores of government technology transfer programs where price was reduced through greater production capabilities and free markets, not only in America but within our hundreds of co-defense and co-production partners around the world.

Just reread history after World War II realizing much was done over these last 100 years to where we can accomplish anything we want, unless government believes otherwise –didn’t do much for Hitler, Mussolini, or Stalin, more recently Husain and Bin Laden.

Americans will not let their dreams fail like every historical dynasty through terminal Democrap destroying our Republic. Democracies in general have a life span of little more than 200 years. We’re 35 over due to re-enforce our Republic with new management.

You need to get me there to do that for us because I see and hear no one undestands that end of our economy.  They all seem to understand their gain of power without experience in actually accomplishing anything with profit.

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January 10, 2012

Candidate selling power seems to lack focus on everything bad about our Republic

I'm a Republican since my first vote in Wisconsin in 1960 when issues were more about voting age v. driving age and increasing drinking age. It was stong debate material of returning military members whose fathers fought in WW II and many brothers and sisters in Korea. It was also just before Nixon's makeup on that new medium costing him an election from Chicago's ballot box switches.  Seems same family ran that show at least during Gore's tenure going no where. 

It's baffling how Michigan leaders took control after the Red Fox incident. Just about all the working class in our automotive industry lost their jobs to foreign companies offering more pay with less take-out.  

Love that concept of Chinese Takeout. There are more jobs today in take-out food than there are in, well maybe not. Makes no difference 'cause our government cannot count employed vs. unemployed or management vs. work force; and fewer entrepreneuers than investors who no longer back business in preference to Lotteries and Stock markets.

Gambling used to be a bad habit- still is-but, practiced by politicians in state legislatures and our own congress through; um, chinese take out of tax revenues. Going on today are discussions across the Pacific and around the Indian Ocean.

So, one wonders what these wealthy candidates really want.  Oh! what those in office hold onto before going to those public official minimum security retreats in Pennsylvannia, Georgia and the Carolinas.

What surprizes me about their sales technigue, is that they allow liberal moderators to ask  questions.  In some case, they bring in talking heads from reputable think tanks profting from certain issues and "benefits" (a term becoming as intolerable as getto talk and those letters of unexceptable street talk or road side drug dealers).

This is a problem because we have self prominent men and women thinking they can bluff experience dressed like they just came off a fashion runway and await to be baited by some egg head with questions anyone in an audience would rather not hear.

How can anyone of those standing behind those podiums address a question differently than the next person standing next to them knowing that any question asked will be rebutted by some M$M butthead without an audience or the qouted individual to refute.  

With so many distortions and perspectives of what is hurting our ecomonomy and whose to blame, it could be anyone of them 'cause they don't understand it is they who pronounce a change.  Last change we got gave us more change we didn't want, but yes his promise was change; so is the value of our dollar worth less than a penny.

I've met each one of the standup politicians over the years and have followed their careers to learn none have accomplished anything with their own ideas. They've all had opportunity, but none have accomplished one goal without 300 backroom thinkers, stinkers, or writers drafting their comments.  Granted their target writes most of his own material and that makes him sound like that last medicine man, bootlegger, carpet bagger, horse thief, or sideshow hawker selling corn whiskey as rye.

I purposely watched football last night so I could objectively review the Sunday morning comics on the three M$M to see how they assessed their socialistic agenda against those candidates trying to sell a potion - ah mean position- of an issue without having any real knowledge of how to address it.  Most answers were more confusing that the questions and statements were not relative to addressing the questions. 

I noted one quizer on NBC who was touted as an expert, but couldn't ask a memoraable question and got a similar answer. Now listening to potential leaders describe their strategy vs. any others was like hearing a replay of someone who used to be considered intelligent. But, alas, no new reason to elect any of them.

Their goals were all similar, spin and lack of substance. I can do better than that guy in the back of that $50,000 black Canadian bus.

Probably, wasn't even Union-made. That to keep its security systems confidential.  Can't trust the US workforce to do that.  Look at how they herd all airline passengers thru a highly vulnerable screening system and keep them there up to several hours.  What a target! And, it was designed by a fired FEMA executive and exposed by M$M as needed procedure to avoid airline tragedies.  What! A passenger took out the underware bomber. It was passengers flying over Pennsylvania on 9-11 that prevented the threat to congress-what a mistake. And, it was a street vendor in NY that stopped an attack on Broadway. He looked more undercover!

What ticks me off about all those incidents is that my military records and documents of my unpaid contract with DoD were destroyed in Pentagon C-2 rm 512 where the terrorist's cockpit ended its flight.  Several of my friends were there. Somehow, I was able to retrieve some documents from other offices and due to my preplanning had made computer scans of everything I created for the projects. Those were submitted to several Army agencies for collection only to be turned down because I would've been paid commercially rather than as an illegal Reservist on active duty. Something two Reserve Generals and a couple of subordinate officers claimed that they, too. could make more money in civilian jobs, but they weren't and I was. So, it is still owing and part of a Supreme Court case that might help taking Romney/Obama HC program off the docket.

Now, with this little introduction, I can tell you that my record of accomplishment is well documented by high ranked individuals around the world as well as within many corporations and some Cabinet departments.  I have given reformation of our government much thought all documented by cause and effect to resolution including due diligence and in-depth, completed staff work offering multiple approaches to mutiple returns.

You can see some virtual pages of a rather intense campaign created in 2007 for a virtual run for 2008, but I reviewed it recently and found those projections and resolve can fix what we are experiencing today.  click on the virtual banner to get a chance to match your views with those I have developed over 34 years of real campaigns for myself and as part of a answer to a 1955 Milwaukee Sentinel story by Leo Kissel, editor at the paper before it took over the Milwaukee Journal some years later. If someone reading this knows Howard, his son, please tell him to contact me.  We lived next door to each other as kids at Congress [street elementary]

Oh, his father wrote that my goal at age 14 was to be a U.S. Senator 'cause it was an honorable profession. WOW!  how could I be that gullible? I was manager of a 16-kid team of newspaper carriers in a Jewish/Catholic neigborhood as a Presbyterian Church goer. Try collecting that week's service fees. We all averaged about $20 per week in those times minus the sweet rolls we bought from our German Baker-Schultz across Center street from our alley-garge distribution center.

Before I forget, here's a link you can findout more about resolving our Republic's demise into a future as George Washington cautioned if we allow it...go back to Coffeetalks11 and/or visit this Presidential site for more enlightment on how in government "We The People" can strengthen our Constitutional resolve.

Our President taught constitutional law at Harvard. Och! It was in Chicago. No wonder those Harvard Graduates failed in Moscow and 15 years later Prime Minister Putin and President Mevedev now realized they should've protected their eastern provinces and worked closer with their western republics. 

Truthfully, we can wait too! NOT ON MY WATCH, though.

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